Emancipation from illusory experince of duality

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Human race is at the crossroads. The modern man is in confusion,since the whole human race has immersed itself in the quagmire of materialism,conceptual religion and god glorification and athiesm which has swallowed most of its life time.
One is not sure whether he has arms against treacherous tentacles of sheer hedonism, religious fanaticism in the name of religion and god which is strangulating the human race today.

All the triumphs that man has achieved scientifically over the matters have made him slave of the matter. however many have realized the utter hollowness of the religion and its beliefs and material progress, and discarding them and turning towards truth seeking or non religious self realization.

F.S that promises emancipation from experience of duality which everyone is experiencing it as reality.

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Dear Santosh, What is F.S

Dear Santosh,

What is F.S you mention in the last paragraph?

How can one experience non-duality as experience is in the mind and the mind is built on duality, i.e. sensing, seeing etc?

Luna | Thu, 07/03/2008 - 14:26