Eliminating Meat from the Diet

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Food Part Three - Eliminating Meat from the Diet

Here William LePar's spiritual source, The Council, points out that strict vegetarianism is detrimental to the physical body over time.

The Council: So, this attitude of eliminating all meat from one's diet is pure foolishness. That comes from an approach of reaching spirituality through physical means. One of two avenues or two areas of thought is that cleansing the body of the meat influences which are considered base and heavy and then rejuvenating it with the finer quality or the less dense of fruits and nuts and vegetables and what have you is taken completely out of text. The purpose of the reduction of meat as a source of protein originated many, many eons ago in a means of self-sacrifice in preparation of a deeper insight. Now, basically fasting was the vehicle.

Fasting from this form of food or that form of food in order to cleanse the body or reduce the density of the body. Now, that is the, how shall we put it, the bastardized concept of what was the original concept, and the original concept was simple fasting as a means of self-discipline, nothing else. So, the act of fasting was developed as a means of discipline of oneself in order to control the physical desires, such as food, and replacing it with more control.

There is so much concerning the physical body that your scientists have not even begun to think about, let alone to realize that anything is there, to attempt to eliminate entirely certain things from the diet. We have said in the past and we still say that your society, this society, eats entirely too much red meat. It is not necessary, it is not healthy. But at the same time to eliminate such products completely creates a likened condition but through the opposite channel or the opposite means. Much of the growing vegetables, fruits, nuts, what have you, that type of life, its nutritional value is governed by the condition of the soil, and in some areas where certain minerals are in short supply or depleted, combining certain vegetables or fruits or nuts in hopes to establish the necessary mineral in the body is of no value because it is not in the plant itself.

So there is too much information that is not available, not in the awareness of man, it never will be. It is one of those blind alleys that leads nowhere.

Live with what is obviously provided for through nature. If you would all concentrate on demanding cleaner food products or foodstuffs, eliminating much of the preservatives and chemicals that are utilized in your food, you would not have to worry about nutrition. But unfortunately that takes an activity, and that means one must be productive, one must reach out and do instead of simply dealing with one's own individual self. So it takes a combined effort of many people to change what is being done to your food products or your foodstuffs today.