Either Awake or Get Prepared to Perish -Awakening is the Call of the Nature

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AWAKENING IS the call of present time, either we must awake or get prepared to perish and become yet another history of the past stating the failure of Mankind to win over the limitations of this ever weakening Human Body attacked by diseases, pains, sorrows, miseries and finally Death.

To the positive thinkers of the World, it may sound a negative thought, but it is a Rock Solid Reality, whether we accept or reject, we have already made a mess out of this heavenly Earth.
We have challenged and tried to conquer the Nature. And now the Nature is all set to take the Revenge for its exploitation.

As per the Law of Karma or action, may it be mental or physical; every action of ours will seed a reaction which will be effective giving the result in the future.

Awakening is the demand of present time.
Awakening is the urgent most need of today.
Awakening is the only solution for every issue of this World.
Awakening is the only way to put an end to the sorrows and miseries of life on earth.
Awakening is the must and should for uniting the world with peace and harmony.
And finally,
Awakening is the golden gate to enter the golden age or the Next Apocalypse on planet Earth.
Yes, the Iron Age is ended; the process has already started,
we are in the Transitional period of both the Ages, the Dark Age and the Age of Truth.
The Sun of the next Apocalypse or the Age of Truth or the Golden Age is about to Rise on the Horizons of our beautiful Earth.
Continuous Evolutionary Change is a Law of Nature; no one can alter it nor stop her from executing this law.
We can only describe the nature in Words, but we cannot prove its complete theory practically in our Science Lab.

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Shankarlal | Fri, 06/04/2010 - 14:41

Very nice

Each one has to be one out of these two stages. One is to be perish while other is to be awakened.
This awakening happens through the awakening of kundalini.



NIDHI PARKASH | Fri, 06/04/2010 - 20:53