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Nothing real can be threatened.
Nothing unreal exists. Acim

'Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another. Einstein

Actually nothing that truly ‘is’ … can truly ever ‘not be’( or be destroyed) . Let us view this in reference to the ego notion- It is this AWARENESS - that truly takes us beyond the ego-notion!! Indeed only the awareness that it never existed - is its seeming dissolution! And abiding in this unceasing awareness- its seeming demise!

Thus the ego-self which seekers try to ‘destroy/remove’ works against itself – giving reality to what isn’t. Because if it did exist - it couldn’t be destroyed !In this AWARENESS only does something that seemingly was - spontaneously cease to be..! Or transform into Self!

Thus the paradox of the word 'ego' is that it points to - what isn’t! Like the word ‘mirage’! A mirage can never be removed as it doesn’t exist in the first place- but as we become aware it’s only a mirage( non existent/apparent reality) – in this awareness only – is the dissolution of the mirage -or its transformation into its original state of being! The closer we come to a physical mirage - the less solid/real is its reality…. thus the closer we come to the mirage of the ego notion through self inquiry- the less solid is its existence and more apparent is its non existence.

Perhaps it helps to view ego-notion as a verb perhaps than a noun- as it’s a notional state of being - not a physical organism we deem it to be: when impersonal consciousness functions through personal consciousness (for the process of creation) - we call that temporary state of being - ego!

Ego-notion is that aspect of Self/God/Consciousness that can be described through few keywords:
- seeming 'separation' (from the whole)
-seeming 'ignorance' -'forgetfulness' ( of the larger view/Self)
-thus the 'individuated' 'i sense'
-and the 'fears/ 'attachments/you vs me' arising from all this
-and thus doer-ship and its ups and downs

It’s like counting 13 chairs in the room at first, but on a recount becoming aware there are only 12... and ‘the 13th chair’ ( to which we have even granted the term and thus even a reality of/ as the ‘13 chair) only points to what really never was … it wasn't removed or destroyed… it never existed in the first place! In this awareness does something that seemingly was , cease to be...!

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Nicely put, insomuch as

Nicely put, insomuch as words can.

dusk | Mon, 12/16/2013 - 04:52
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Imagine the brave ego- its entire reason to exist is to support existence -and eventually dissolve! And thus it does dissolve, quite graciously, when its role is coming to an end...when you don't fight it before that...; when you don’t interfere with its reason to be...a caterpillar becomes a butterfly in its own cant fight the cocoon phase...! yes it initially kicks up a fuss, or feels scared of its demise but as its universal Self is experienced more… the ego realizes it is not dying but becoming eternal...and in that it surrenders to Its expanded sense of being… i have also used the concept of seducing the ego....and it then disrobes for you;-)

The ego & duality is something we as consciousness have crafted to experience Self through-it is much maligned/berated-but truly it is the vehicle we as consciousness create and use to experience, express, revel in Self! Berating the ego is like going for a movie and refusing to enjoy the movie-to sit thru it saying oh its all an illusion- oh it seperates me from my 'real' life;-)) ! If we go for the movie we might as well enjoy that we transcend the movie experience automatically once it comes to its end!

I often view the personal identity/ego self as one of those children old fashioned wind -up toys. Thus we the personal self plays itself out like any winding toy does only when its charge goes out! But if we keep abiding as/paying attention to this 'personal self' or if we the personal/ego self try to move from it ...then its like winding up the toy it one more it more 'life' so to say rather than allowing its charge to run out as it must;-)

Divyaa Kummar | Mon, 12/16/2013 - 11:35
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Beautiful! Ah, yes, the

Beautiful! Ah, yes, the futility of going to a movie only to dwell upon the mechanics of the illusion. The show must go on, the appearance of egos at the show is just more of the show, meta-show, and so on.

dusk | Mon, 12/16/2013 - 14:11