The ego is not the key

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There is no use of struggling to get rid of the ego. It is mission impossible. When 'I' is not the physical entity , but 'I', is whole experince of duality, which appears as disappears as mind.
The seeker has to remember the fact that, the the ego disappears along with the the whole experince of duality, that is, the person and the world together. Therefore, it is no point in struggling to get rid of the ego alone.

The ego appears and disappears along with the mind. Thus how can one separate the ego from the mind, when the ego is non-existent without the experince of duality or mind.

The ego is not the key. The dream ego, appears along with the whole experince. Same way the waking ego is with in the Waking experince. The dream and Waking both appear and disappears. The knower of the dream is invisible, it is evident the same Knower of the dream is the knower of the Waking experince. Thus tracing and realizing the invisible knower as true self , will lead the seeker to realize the ultimate truth.

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Ego is the jail cell

Hi Santthosh

I don't disagree, and certainly getting rid of ego entirely is not possible nor desirable. However, Truth is not hiding; this "invisable knower" is closer than close and fully present, and yet not realized (by the knower, oddly), and it's quite possible that a lifetime of "tracing" may not lead to this realization. Why?

To answer this, we must look to ego, not to destroy it, but to bring some 'hidden' truths about it to conscious realization. What sense does it make to come from an illusory perspective and seek a Truth that does not include that illusion? And yet, this is generally the game that is played. The seeker has no real interest in finding, it has the wrong focus with which to realize it's own nonexistence, and it cannot, will not, terminate itself.

Assuming there is the intent to discover Truth in spite of this, ego takes some nasty hits on the way to the gallows, and the traps become progressively more devious, imaginative and perrilous. How many have found themselves at the gallows steps only to turn away to become a teacher or a fake guru, sell some books or seminars?

Mind knows nothing of Truth, it only knows of its own delusions, and then, only if it cares to look, and so the search becomes one of slowly dissolving the self, from becomming conscious of hidden ego patterns, to releasing attachments, to cultivating the willingness to surrender every egoic need, fear and identity to something as yet unknown and unqualified.

Is ego the key? No, our own divine nature is the only force that can be relied upon, but that force is focussed squarely on bringing the blade of Truth down on the neck of the illusory ego. It's strictly a matter of how long it takes to loose something that never was.


Phroggy | Wed, 07/30/2008 - 01:09