To Ego of No-go

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Preamble Ramble:

Personal Ego= Body identified cognitive functions operating as biological programs within the Bionuclear Field of the individual, this aspect of ego which feels and bleeds.

Private Ego= This could perhaps be equated with the subconscious mind, although that might be a disservice to the subconscious, but in this new classification scheme the Private Ego becomes more secretive in its role as a dirty little secret and so perhaps the handiest reference might be to designate it as the "Shadow Self" of Ego which includes all of the tendencies and aspects of egocentric function which we keep hidden from ourselves even though they could very well be running their programs in our subtle physiology at this very moment.

Major Ego= Let's give our Major label the designation of "Self Image" and make this high official the most OBVIOUS Aspect of our entire Egocentric authority scale. So that when you think of "Who am I" it is generally, or majorly for that matter, this Major Ego you associate with since all ego functions are somehow related to our IMAGE of self regardless of how the aspect functions within the integration of the system as a whole. Are we pretty clear on this one???

General Ego= Let's call Sir General our Character or Personality aspect of Ego Function, being the totality of integrated and disharmonious programs operating within the cognitive range of identity available to an individual. So that regardless of what the Major may "THINK" you are, this is your Real Identity (As far as egocentric self goes that is), being the energetic totality of functions at work within your personal egocentric energy system.

Collective Ego= This is the interpersonal aspect of Ego function being a part of the Collective Consciousness, this modality of egocentric function operates on what might be compared to a Holographic principle, whereby the ego identity of every person on the planet is affecting your ego in some way while your personal ego is also effecting every other person. Apart from how we adapt and modify our personal ego, this is perhaps the most interesting aspect of ego we could explore just because it is so interconnected with the egocentric function of everyone else. The beauty of this aspect is that by modifying your own personal Ego you are actually changing the Collective Ego to some extent, just like if you change any part of a hologram the whole hologram changes. Some very interesting and subtle dynamics may be at work with this one but right now we are still working on an overview and not too concerned with details just yet.

Reconditioned Ego= This would be the Transformational Identity Matrix of a personal Ego in process of being rebuilt into a Universal Ego of Unitarian conceptual cognition, and at this point might be outside the parameters of our communicative capabilities requiring a Transconceptual Vocabulary in order to properly express the values involved. Just because you are modifying your ego programming does not make it a Reconditioned Ego unless it is being reworked according to Universal Principles and not just a different form of Personal preference. This seems to be the speed-bump I always encounter when talking about these things because this is where my DESIRE lies but most folks are only interested in a "Better Defect" and not in resolving the Divine Malfunction, so let's just splash around in the wadding pool some more because this might get too deep for some...

Universal Ego= Once the Transformation is complete this would be the finished product of Divinity Incarnate, if such could perhaps be an applicable term, and if not perhaps we can just refer to the reconditioning Process by asking who gives a phuck???

Golly have I finally said something or am I still working on that???

Basic Babbleon-and-on-and-on: What if you were FORCED to choose between Divine Genetics or a Divine Malfunction, which would you Desire???

Love is your Divine Genetics and this makes the failure to Love Yourself the Divine Malfunction which produces fear... And who said that you Don't have to choose at any moment including this one anyhow???

Have A GOD Day!!!

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Super Ego to the Rescue!!!

To ego or not to ego, was that the original question???

Seems like when I asked it I was more interested in wondering if it is even possible to exist on this physical plane without the use of the "EGO"? And since many seem to be of the mind ...that once you reach a certain degree of spiritual attainment that you will get sucked off (Sign me up for one of those suck offs please) the planet whether you take your body with you or not, and the generally accepted assumption is NOT...

However true or false these assumed positions may be (Assume the position???) it would seem that in order to maintain a High Degree of Spirituality within the human form it might just involve a radically original kind of Ego which might have slipped by our preconceived attention span.

Assuming that this new ego is still an ego regardless of the fact that it may in no way resemble that which we currently consider to be ego, other than perhaps the vehicle of its body remaining the same in theory or appearance anyhow, then the answer to this original question would seem to be that NO there is no question of ego or not there is only the question of Ego Quality...

In that case lets hope your Ego is a Ford because Quality is Job 1 with them even if you may have to (F)Fix (O)Or (R)Rebuild (D)Daily...

But hey, isn't that what we are talking about anyhow???

Blahnanda | Fri, 02/18/2011 - 16:03
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Why make the simple complicated?

Why make the simple complicated and long? this only strenghten the... ego.

Look inside and you will notice that ego is simply the result of consciousness being aware of the body and identifying with it. Simple words depict it more than complicated ones, consciousness does not see biological or not biological, it sees an object, the body and claims ownership over things that haqppen with relation to the body.

All the other "types" of ego are mere speculations that do not contribute to realization but just distract the attention into intellectualism.

Dive in, leave aside speculations and concepts.

john | Fri, 02/18/2011 - 17:08
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Very Interesting

Thank You Master John for your insightful observations. Is the ego good or bad or are both just relative terms without any meaning apart from the context in which we are using them???

If the ego were like a tool then it is good as long at it is useful in performing a given function, however like trying to use a 10 millimeter wrench to remove a 3/4 inch bolt then it might be bad in that application.

The question I was trying to pose was, is it possible to function on the physical plane without an ego (Just noticed a Title Typo which should have said to ego OR no-go), and concluded that even a radically altered ego which performs a Universal and not personal function is still an ego even if comparing the two seems like comparing rocks and rivers.

I can leave aside speculation and concepts at any time, but then I have nothing left to say and our conversation ends...

Blahnanda | Sat, 02/19/2011 - 16:01
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Quite thinking too soon...

The ego is a result of conditioning and thus we can recondition the thing and it need not be disposed of. In fact the reconditioned Ego may very well be critical to a Revolution of the Soul. We do not see our bodies when we become aware of them or our ego, we see our conditioned responses to this body which is entirely what the ego is...

Looks like I'm making things complicated again, better back track and try to simplify, then again it all seems simple enough to me so what's the complication???

Huummm, what a quandary we seem to have, ego must be having a field day, because confusion seems to be its native language... I'm just trying to bring clarity to a confusing subject, but perhaps such is not even possible, but if I try to pick a clear subject no one seem able to follow along...

Pesky between the rock and hard place pinch points anyhow...

Blahnanda | Sat, 02/19/2011 - 16:12
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Ego is any sense of separateness from the whole...

Ego is any sense of separateness from the whole...
I am, yet I am not...

Asanga | Sat, 02/19/2011 - 17:25
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I can dig that to an extent

..but it doesn't go far enough. Ego is identification with any part of the whole. Which then I guess can lead to the creation of a sense of separateness. Identification is the keyword here. Identification as being this body and mind creates the ego, the sense of individuality. If this is understood, then someone might be able to question, "what allows for this identification". If they question rightly, they may be led to a "sense" that seems to hold their world together..the sense "I exist"..the sense of "I am". The obviousness and simplicity that seemed to never warrant any further investigation. What is this "sense"? Where does it come from? So simple. Maybe too simple. But without this sense of "I" how can identification with anything exist?

If one enquires 'Who am I?' within the mind, the individual 'I' falls down abashed as soon as one reaches the Heart and immediately Reality manifests itself spontaneously as 'I-I'. Although it reveals itself as 'I', it is not the ego but the Perfect Being, the Absolute Self.

~ Ramana Maharshi

So anyway, there is no ego, only false identification. You are already "The Perfect Being" "The Absolute Self". There is no other but You. Your "I" is all pervasive Life itself..Finding the source of Life is finding Yourself.

..with in-turned mind and without uttering the word 'I'

B-friend | Sat, 02/19/2011 - 21:10
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I think Blahnanda has made a fair point. It would not be fair to compare it with Ramana's. Maharshi held the view that if one has to sweep the dirt out of the house, one need not see what its constituents are.

However, Identification is not such an easy thing to observe. We can know about it only through effects. Some identifications may be easy to observe by oneself if one is open enough and comes across it during observation of oneself or if pointed out by someone.

To give an example, I may be so Identified with what I consider to be the correct interpretation of Bible till someone shows me a different one and I see that my previously held beliefs are not tenable.

So we have similarly an image of ourselves, which may not be the same as we actually are. This discrimination to me is already a big step.

Then Identification with body fears or our instincts are a different stuff altogether.

joejo | Sun, 02/20/2011 - 02:38
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Hey Joejo

It all boils down to identification to who you think you are. And ASSUMPTIONS are most definitely apart of that.

>>However, Identification is not such an easy thing to observe. We can know about it only through effects.<<

To grand of an assumption there :)
Can you not identify yourself as "________" <---your name here.

What's mucking up the issue, AS USUAL, is the ingrained western idea of "ego" and ego as meant in eastern terms. Ego in eastern terms is the "I am the body" idea..whether it be the physical or subtle. So you have eastern teaching saying you are not the "ego(body)" and westerners interpreting it as your are not the "ego(personality)". So then we get into all this stuff of what constitutes personality, individuality, and whatever else and round and round we go with question's like the above about if we can function without ego(personality).

And as far as comparing anything, I wasn't. Only referencing Maharshi to illuminate the point. I could have used a number of others who share the same viewpoint as Maharshi, including Christ. For there is no difference from them and Maharshi except for their

B-friend | Sun, 02/20/2011 - 05:47
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Identification & Attachment

Don't underestimate Identification. Probably to the psyche identification is same as attachment in physical realm. The veils tradition says that we are covered by many veils. They could be veils of darkness, of mixed darkness & light and of pure light. Could these be as a result of Identification? It is for this reason that the original post has a value to me.

There is an interesting point in the teaching of Maharshi which I am not able to find for referencing here. He said that to refute the idea that you are the Gross Body is enough and one does not have to negate each body or sheath.

Moreover after realising that I am not the body nothing else remains & I quote from collected works

"The day one is able to see oneself with his inner eye
as not the body, all his desires vanish, and he experiences
perfect peace."

I understand what you are indicating though.

joejo | Sun, 02/20/2011 - 07:37
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Interesting Debate

Master B-friend and Master Joejo seem to have a rather interesting debate going on amongst themselves, this is rather refreshing indeed, identification seems to be the prevailing subject. Indeed, this would seem to be the primary subject simply because ego is identification and this cannot be denied which is why it is often called ego Identification. The passage quoted goes a long way toward explaining how this works, so let me throw my 2 cents into the mix.

Obviously we can make a clear distinction between SELF which can be defined as Source Awareness or Spirit and Ego which is a conceptual representation which this Source awareness is identified with. This conceptual representation of self has no reality in itself, until that is our Self Identifies with it, at which time it appears (Maya, illusion or (F)False (E)Evidence (A)Appearing (R)Real)) real because the reality of Self has identified with it. Under normal circumstances this Ego is a segregated existence being the conditioning of separation based on bodily identification, but what I propose is that an alter ego can be programmed as a result of conditioning which is more holistic in nature and this is what I call the Reconditioned Ego which would be based on unconditional love instead of conditioned fear.

Once upon a time I used to define ego as only the psychological programs running in our biological system, and this worked well for examining the body identified ego functions. But have had to expand my definition of ego since to include Psychological programs running in the Soul (For lack of a better word at this point) as well so as to include body identified programs which may be left over from previous incarnations where that particular body no longer exists as well as more subtle programs running in the Quantum Physiology which may have as yet gone undetected.

We know how the ego loves to break things down (Or at least we should since wholeness threatens its segregated existence) and in trying to break down and classify the various aspects of egocentric function as I have done in the beginning I would seem to be playing right into the ego's hands instead of delivering us from it. But do not let appearances fool you, because I am examining these different aspects from a holistic perspective, so that when the classification is complete we can then examine the relationships involved between the various components in the reassembling of the whole in not only clarifying the standard ego function but providing the framework for an all together new breed of ego as well in hope of providing an upgraded replacement model. At least that seems to be the theory anyhow...

Seems I have since added a missed aspect which belongs in the original breakdown, but I will hope to address that at another time, for now let me add something which comes from another thread on this same subject which might not actually belong here but is about to get included anyhow...

I wanted to say something more about this Ego fellow so I better quite putting it off or I'll never get done, plus, I better not take it to serious or I'll have to start Laughing at mortal FUTILITY and we don't want that NOW do we???

Is there a Secret Message hidden in there somewhere???

Only if you are laughing at yourself...

Assuming that the Reconditioned Ego is based on the Divine Genetics of LOVE and it is an Exalted Goal because "Standard" Ego's are so far from the mark. WOULD THIS Not Imply??? That the Standard Ego Function is nothing more than a FAILURE to Love Yourself???

If we change the Game whose Chips will lose value???

The ego doesn't have dirty little secrets...

The ego IS one!!!

Anyhow, until next time please Feel FREE to ENJOY!!!

Blahnanda | Mon, 02/21/2011 - 02:48
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Hahaha oops

Maybe I should read all the comments before I comment myself. LOL.

B-friend | Sat, 02/19/2011 - 21:17
B-friend | Sat, 02/19/2011 - 21:18
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The Many Vehicles

I like how Master joejo digs the Sheaths gig, because that is how I See the Relationships Playing Out like the Many Vehicles of Consciousness on our long way trip back to where we started...

All these fancy Labels of the Many Egos that I use including that Higher Ego Between the General Ego and Collective Ego which I haven't gotten around to sharing here yet. This Higher Ego can be seen as the "Intuitive Ego" between the Personal General ego and Plugin with United Collective, which indicates it FUNCTIONS by Relationship to the Whole in some way shape or form just maybe...

So according to the New Breakdown and Jo's Sheath theory, on that whole Scale of Ego's this New Higher Ego is the First Sheath to Transcend the Flesh Barrier because General Ego is still limited by flesh. So I See all those other egos fitting one inside the other like a Christmas Present wrapped inside boxes inside of boxes inside of boxes and so forth... The Many Vehicles of the Ego, little ego bodies inside of little ego bodies, that seems like descriptive terminology for Sheaths of Being inside little Ego Bodies, with the Biggest being most Personal and the one that just so happens to bleed... See how the Scale works but of course you do, now lets learn how to dial it in.

All we really need to know in order to Heal the Divine Malfunction of Ego is this One Thing, Separation. How does separation work you ask even though you already know the answer, and I return your response with "Conceptual Prison" and we all Laugh in accord at the futility of mortal church In-Doctrine-Nation, Blah ha ha ha... Or something like that anyhow???

Guess WHAT??? Every Idea we have is a Conceptual Prison designed to "Keep God in His BOX, are sure you You are ready to let Him Out??? If not you might not know why I'm Laughing because the Joke's on you Nyuk Nyuk Nyuk and all that jazz.

So if your still reading you must "Get It" so let me please continue, when God is kept in One Conceptual Prison as an Idea and Self is kept in another Conceptional Prison of IDEA the must always be kept separated by the Confines of their definitions. Under this arrangement the thing that scares you most is knowing that you cannot let God out of His Box without getting out of yours because it is a cooperative venture. God and Self both get Out of their Boxes Together or Together they Stay In Prison...

All these little conceptual boxes we use to keep everything divvied up so we can slap a Label on it and say yup I know what that is... Nothing new about all that???

The Many Vehicles Indeed, and perhaps we have milked the ego for all he's worth at this point, because everyone knows that you cannot study the ego from the ego anymore than choose your own course after jumping into a Raging River. Only Self can Study and Ego and only an ego can Pretend to study itself...

Yeah what He Said, viva La Revolution, so anyhow??? We seem to be agreed that we must clarify the distinction between Self and ego before reforming the ego with any new and superior enhancements. So Perhaps it's time for a new Blog to try and pick Up where this one has seemed to arrive and attempt to blend our New Perspective. So WHAT If we Call the Ego an Onion??? These sheaths, little bodies, Many Vehicles, like Layers of Quantum Physiology make up the Whole Ego like an onion of Personality but they can NEVER Be Self because Self is Superior being Transconceptual to ego Ideological confinement.

So we must distinguish Clearly between SELF and Ego in some new Thread Where We may Celebrate the Royal Banquet of Divine Intervention and rebuild ego according to Divine Genetics. Geee golly, I wonder how all that works???

Behold the Antithink!!! Riptide in the NEVERMIND, Fire in the Skull... Or Something like that anyhow???


Blahnanda | Mon, 02/21/2011 - 14:11