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In the first of the two previous posts we spoke about the trap of words and thought and in the latter about the Subjective Self. It was also pointed out that Subjective Self in a conceptual entity made up of words and thought. That does not make it an illusion but it is something that lies at the center of our sorrow and life in bondage of ignorance. It is both the bondage and the bound. Let us explore further this aspect of bondage and bound.

Subjective Self in everyday usage goes by the name of Ego. It can be compared to a red hot iron ball. The iron part of the ball consists of words and thoughts but the red hot glow to it is imparted by something that is living and called Consciousness. This makes it something unique and we could use the conscious element to plot our escape.

Subjective Self or Ego being an admixture we could increase the Conscious element. This is best done by enquiry into what is this Ego and see its movement in daily life. We could also realise that all words and thoughts rely on memory and hence the opposite or unconscious element is the past. By avoiding to dwell on past and future and to observe the present moment by being aware of the movement of Subjective Self we increase the Conscious element.

To know the nature of Subjective Self is the release from bondage.