Ego's Concepts About Enlightenment

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There seem to be a number of mental concepts about what the seeker is seeking and what it will eventually do for "HIM" .

This is an excerpt of a conversation on the subject, with WAYNE LIQUORMAN

WAYNE: Doing happens, clearly. But where we get screwed up is in the notion that
enlightenment somehow transforms the individual into some kind of super man,
creature, thing that has all these extremely desirable qualities and various
powers and various capabilities. Let's face it, as egos, what we want is
control, we want power, we want to be able to make things happen because that is
how the ego is constructed. There is this notion of enlightenment being this
state of supreme power, because you are now identified with God, rather than
being identified with this puny, rotten, little body that is going to get sick
and hurt and feel bad and vomit and do all kinds of lousy shit and die--its just
not going to be pleasant. So we believe that the obvious solution is to be God
because that's going to be a lot better.

LML: Yes, the ego likes to believe that you will be better than every one else
and you won't hurt...
WAYNE: ...And you won't die. So what could be better than that?

LML: That's the ego's idea of enlightenment.
WAYNE: Un-huh. And it's all true!

LML: You mean it's true that you don't hurt and you don't die...
WAYNE: Uh-huh, and that you are God. That is all absolutely true. That is
exactly what enlightenment is. But it is not happening to an individual
body-mind mechanism. That's the rub. [Laughter]

{ Lynn-Mary Lumiere }

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ego's concepts ...

lol - I enjoyed reading this Mai - it is indeed funny to observe ego seeking enlightenment for its own purposes - I will check out the link you posted when I get a chance - ruby.

ruby246 | Wed, 06/27/2012 - 22:12
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You're welcome Ruby246


MAI | Wed, 09/19/2012 - 12:39