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The Ego is that part of your present personality and your wholesome being including your astral body, Causal body and soul that is different from God and prevents you from becoming instantly one with God.

The ego is the sum of many spiritual blockages that you collected during your journey far away from God-Union. The ego also consists of all the wounds and psycho-traumatic adventures you experienced during the present childhood and incarnation as well as during all previous incarnation.

Experiences made during separation from God may lead to traumatic wounds and shocks received and accumulated, while being consciously separated from your Divine home.

Increasing devotion to God and spiritual progress replace the Ego with Divinity - leading to an permanently increasing enlightenment of your consciousness.

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Guru Poornima

Paramguru Mahavatar Baba Ji... Pranaam...

mrkotians | Thu, 07/14/2011 - 14:12