An effective shaman's aura cleansing effective exercise

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It's time to share with you all, an excellent relaxing exercise by visualizing our psychic centers.

After spending many years as an instructor for effective relaxation, my students and I discovered that it was after relaxing our minds and bodies three times, starting from our gonads until we reach our pineal body in an upward fashion we were ready to relax our body from our pineal organ all the way down like a waterfall made of pure cosmic energy to our gonads.

Let's start by repeating this affirmation three times:

"I feel in every cell of my psychic centers the great influence of the peace and the harmony of the Universe. All the Universe's attributes are concentrated around each of my cells, affecting them by cleaning them first, and then reinforcing them with the Cosmic Rhythm. I feel deeply this balancing and spinning cosmic energy. I feel it. I feel it. I feel it!"

Repeat the next instructions like you were talking to yourself on three occasions.

Now I focus this spinning and expanding spiritual energy in my gonads, the gonad's energy ascends into both of my adrenal glands; the left and the right. Now I have two different kinds of energies climbing up flowing into the core of my solar plexus. In my solar plexus are blended the gonad's energy, the adrenals energies plus my solar plexus energies. These energies spin and flow into my cardiac plexus. In my cardiac plexus starts the harmonious mixing of the energies coming from: my gonads, my adrenals, my solar plexus and my cardiac plexus. Now these four kinds of powerful energies are projected into my thyroid gland. My thyroid gland becomes a harmonious red sphere where are gathered the energies coming from: gonads, adrenals, solar plexus, cardiac plexus and thyroid gland. This red sphere starts to vibrate with a lot of heat, electricity and magnetism. Now I send these energies into my pituitary gland: Front and back lobes. There the energies start spinning; suddenly these great forces are eaten up by my pineal organ.

It is after I've made the ascendant energies when I'll be ready to imagine a waterfall descending in a beautiful manner; pineal, pituitary, third eye, inner ears, eyes, nostrils, thyroid, cardiac plexus, adrenals and gonads. This descending flowing will be channeled through my gonads into my tights, knees, shins. Ankles and feet.

This cascade will continue its magnifecent cleansing until it runs into our ground.


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Thanks for the technique!

2 questions:

1. Can this exercise help in case of restlessness?

2. What exactly are "pineral" and "gondas"?

superwoman | Mon, 05/11/2009 - 06:29