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It's time for me to share the effective technique carried out through thr years about possesing a very useful learning tool. The harmonious total integration of our three levels of learning.

Our first level is learning at our memory level. Developing a good memory will be our first step. Nowadays there are many books and systems to master memory. At hand is the difference that exists in reading, studying and thinking. Usually when we read a fiction book the writer does our homework by explaining everything to us. The effort ask from us is just to continue reading. Another thing is when we read textbooks. First we must read for example a chapter at least three times in order to take our next step that would be to remember the main facts. When we translate these facts to our understanding we are a step higher that is using our comprehension level. Here the aid of our imagination is needed to have a reliable framework of knowledge.

We are now more than ready to go one step higher as we reach our thinking level. At this level all our mental processes play an important role. Memory, reasoning powers, imagination and our almost forgotten intuitio. all of them play a harmonious learning melody because we can add our points of view, our convictions and our wisdom adding our secret crative ingredients, some of the experiences of our eternal soul personality. Our soul personality has access to the never ending inspirational fountain of the immense Universal Knowledge. Usually it is after a deep and harmonious meditation that we can be very lucky to reach this wonderful eternal Wisdom very near God's mind and hEARTS.