An Easter Message from The Council

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Whenever a trance occurred close to Easter or Christmas The Council would give us a special message pertaining to the season. The following is an example of one of their messages at Easter time.

The Council: At this time of the year man chooses to celebrate an event that is the crowning glory of all that there is. From the beginning of time the Father gave man a Promise and so it was through all the ages, through all the eternities, God the Father kept His Promise. In that time something less than two thousand years ago, the Father sent His Love, His Divine Love into the physical, into the earth plane creating an actual, living human being, this was Jesus the Christ. And through His years living a life that was done so to make it easy for all to reach a conscious level that is called the Christ Consciousness. His lifestyle is an example that each and every one of you should live. Do not become infatuated with Jesus the man but Jesus the Christ. The Christ or the Love did make its way in and across the earth through the man Jesus but one must remember that the man Jesus was the creation of the Christ or the Love of the Father. We are not detracting from the man or from Christ, but we are offering an explanation. Do not think less of one or more of the other. As He lived His life, so should you live your life, and His life was led by the Commandment which He gave you all as He gave us, and that is to love one another. Love one another to the point that if you are called upon, if you are called upon, to give up that life, you will gladly, you will gladly. In attempting to do this, in living an imitation of Christ's life with the sincerity in your heart, you will reach perfection. You are not asked to die on a cross. Many times we ask and we state that you destroy self, that you pick up your cross. We do not mean this in the literal words. We mean this in your day to day actions. Do what you must do to live a good life. Do not move away from it. Do not accuse others of your shortcomings. In your places of employment, do not use your positions to raise yourself. Do not use your positions to harass and destroy others for you. In your family by all means do not use your position whether it be a father, a mother, or a child to destroy another member of the family or to use other members of the family. This is not love, this is selfishness. Remember: this is the time of the year when man has chosen to celebrate the apex of the Christ Consciousness, the completion of the Christ Consciousness. Jesus Christ the God, Jesus Christ the Man did give His life, did suffer the tortures that man applied to Him, the lashes, the spitting, the insults, the carrying of the cross, to die a very humiliating death and then come above it and rise up with a newly created body, one that man's eyes could not quite understand, the perfection of the Christ Consciousness. The same perfection that all of you can obtain to a degree. Some may rise above death, but that will be very few. Know that when you enter death, you enter the new life. Be positive in your existence, so that when you enter the new life, the real life, you have some thread of the Christ Consciousness within you. At least be able to say to yourself that you have sincerely tried to live a Christ-like life. God the Father promised us a way from the very beginning of eternity, and He has kept His Promise. It is an easy way. Do not be so selfish that you cannot take advantage of the easy way that the Father has given you. Use the Love that He has given you. With this we wish to bless each and every one of you in our own way as God the Father has blessed us and as His Divine Son blesses us, we extend that which they gave us to you as a direct gift not from us but from them using us only as a channel. May the Blessings of the Father and His Son Jesus Christ be upon each and every one of you. Accept this and gain strength from it. Thank you very much. Accept the blessings of this time of year. Celebrate with joy in your heart the risen Christ.

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