Easiest Meditation Technique for Enlightenment

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"The mind is simply
the action of identifying with thoughts.

Thoughts arise and
you take on the thoughts as your identity.
You place all importance on them.

The thought arises,
'this is not the way it is supposed to be'
and you claim ownership of that thought.

You take that thought to be about you
and that defines your world.
That becomes your reality
and you suffer the stress of it.

Life itself is very pleasurable.

There is unfathomable joy in life.

The simple tasks
of walking, sleeping,
eating, working, playing
all flood you with endorphins
if you are fully alive in that action.

Simply eating a soup
can be orgasmic.

But the mind gets in the way.

You are eating a delicious soup
but are unaware of the taste,
of the sensations of the warmth
of the soup filling your body.

Because the mind has already said
"I already know what this tastes like."
and moves your focus to somewhere else
the mind decides is more important.

The more self importance
the more stress.

So meditation
is to get you out of that identification.

By focusing on a technique
or witnessing the thoughts
or fixing your attention
on what is beyond thinking,
it is all to relinquish that identification.

That was the purpose of all religion.

All religion at the source
is devotion to God, yes?

Because if you are focused on God
your life is about God.

This little me with desires and worries
is meaningless
if your attention is fixed on
something so big and vast as divine love.

I am not telling you to join a religion,
just giving an example.

Someone who truly loves
their children with all their heart
will tell you having children
is the greatest joy.

Because the love for their children
steals their attention away from the mind.

The thoughts are there
but they cannot hold a candle
to the love of their child.

Same with laughter.

If you experience
uncontrollable laughter,
you are not thinking
about how to improve your life.

You are not even looking
to get enlightened.

You are overflowing in joy
and freedom
and that is enough.

So the question is not
'how do I get enlightened'
but 'how can I awaken bliss.'

Because once you awaken to bliss
you will automatically
want to turn away from the mind
and give your attention
to bliss.

That is the easiest method
to freedom.

And it's not something you attain
after 50 years of practice.

If you give your full attention to bliss
you are instantly fulfilled.

And still the bliss grows
and grows and grows.



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