the dynamics of Kundalini

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Self is ALL, Everything,
there is no other.

Self masquerades as everything in the Universe.

When Self manifests it-SELF to the mind
the Hindus of old called it Kundalini, Shakti, Shaktiput
... undiluted/unpolluted with thoughts, (dreamless-sleep)
these Hindus of old called Self Samadhi.

If the Mind was the planet Earth
then Kundalini would be its Earthquakes,
and rarer volcanic-eruptions
and it would also be the unimaginable earthquakes
that come with the most-rare meteor-impacts-annihilation.

Just like earthquakes occur more frequently around the Pacific Rim
so too Kundalini occurs more frequently around certain places, animals and things
and certain individuals;
like psychopaths, street-people, "god-intoxicated/insane" Masts
and sometimes and most-rarely
around so called celibate "saints."

Just like most earthquakes go undetected
unless the mind/body is receptive,
(that is: peaceful and quiet)
so too with kundalini.

(to society and all her religions kundalini makes the mind malfunction, literally and especially scientifically "insane.")

even though the kundalini that makes street-people, Masts, psychopaths, insane-people, perverts and sex-maniacs appear abnormal to society ...
although their kundalini is far more likely to trigger kundalini than the likes of the rare celibate saint...
most kundalini goes unnoticed unless the mind is quiet,
like in meditation,
and this occurs mostly around the rare celibate-saint
and NOT around the common street-person... Mast
and least of all around the less-rare sex-maniac, pervert and psychopath.

-- O'no