Duality and Non- Duality

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As I had said I follow the path of Householder and duality is something that I understand differently. Duality is not out there but a product of our own mind. Let us see how it comes about. When I am faced with a situation I react and if my reaction takes me away from the situation duality is created. So all escape is duality and mind uses psychological time and space to create it. I had posted yesterday regarding psychological time and space.

Non duality therefore being absence of duality is nothing but ending of psychological time and space. Non-duality thus is not a mode of existence in time. It is neither a transcendental state. It cannot be said to be a background of duality for when duality was there how could non- duality be. Neither does it come into existence as a Result (not caused) of duality not being there. In short Non-duality has no relation to duality.

One cannot be aware of Non- duality for the very awareness negates its existence. One can be aware of duality and of the mechanism of psychological time and space. Though duality has no relation to awareness the latter illumines it. It is like the red hot iron ball where heat is not a property of iron ball and yet if there was no iron ball (container) how would the heat be.