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We all know that we dream but its almost too difficult to remember any dream most of the time when we wake up. If we remember also , it either because it was of someone really close to us or because we just had it.
When we are asleep, we are constantly dreaming. Because our mind actually doesn't stop working.
We experience two dream states -
1. sub-conscious state - When we see our past memories in a dreamy way. And more memories keep adding to the dreams - but these dreams actually don't mean anything. Just the brain is running in its big database :)
2. Unconscious state - We are so deep in sleep that we can't remember anything in this state. When the mind is not in the memory database anymore.
Lucid Dreaming - Many times we experience a dream like we are actually awake ( our consciousness enters that unconscious state of dreaming ) eg. we meet god, have an out of body experience, see past life incidence, or see future occurrences, see wild dreams that we know we cant think of - like snakes, or some animals, very very vivid dreams.

Now the important thing to see is that since we are asleep all body parts are resting but the subtle elements are not. And life force is obviously always there that is keeping us alive. Also flowing through normal breathing, blood pumping etc. This life force acts and flows in some different way to a subtle element and we come in a conscious state and think we are experiencing it for our ownself. And when we are lucid dreaming - different subtle elements can have different effects -
Life Force - Hearing someone - like there is someone in your room, you say something without your control of your body ( such a thing makes people believe that some kinda ghost has entered ! but its not true. We don't know our potential, we can make people hear us 1000miles away also :) )
Brain - Past memory - some life time incidence or some information/thoughts we knew before but not now.
Subtle body - Outer body experience,
Kundalini chakras - seeing the future , some animal like snake, or something very very vivid - these dreams are usually indicator dreams - have a very hidden meaning to it. unless you saw the literal future.
Manas - God or some sage or true saint.
only a few people in this world are their who have lucid dreams daily. They can meditate and they have lucid dreaming basics.