Dreamer and his Dream

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A person was suffering in his dream. Not only he was feeling miserable, he made the life of one and all miserable. He blamed one and all for his state. Seeing him suffering a Saint who was passing by asked him about his state. when the person narrated his whole story and sought help from the Saint, the Saint told him nothing is wrong with the world, that he is only dreaming and all his problem can be solved once he wakes up. He also told him, what he has to do to wake up and went away. After a year the Saint was passing through the same way and recognised the person. He was still miserable. The person also recognised the Saint and said that nothing has changed. The Saint asked him did you follow the method which I taught you to wake up. If you had done, you would have woken up by now. Where is the problem. The person replied, I saw various other persons also suffering and that I have been teaching the method, what you taught me, to others. The Saint replied Only you are Dreaming and only you have to wake up. where are others, but in your Dream?. So forget about others and do what I have told you. This is exactly what we are doing. If we were sincere we would have woken up and remained in Bliss.