the dream of doubt

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the dream of doubt

I had a dream.
In this dream all the experts of science, religion and philosophy used their righteous logic and methods of science
with all the facts and figures of their certified documents, rituals, rote and rhetoric
and all the tortured text
of Korans, Talmuds and Torahs,
Bibles and books
to prove to me that I was not dreaming
... but I had doubts, really.

so just like slave owners
these experts used their righteous authority to give me their drugs, and ECT (Electro-Convulsive-Therapy) to convince me that I really could Not be dreaming.
... but I had doubts, really,

after a lobotomy in this dream
God himself appeared to me
with all his majestic legions of angels and saints,
to convince me that all his experts, slave-owners and priests, bishops, cardinals and popes were righteously real and right
because I was really-Really not dreaming.
... but I had doubts, really,

doubts persisted until a second lobotomy
made the Devil scare the living hell out of me
and this convinced both Dante and me
that the likes of drugs and operations can only make God
and all his legions of angels and saints
not only real
but righteously right
because I was really-Really-REALLY not dreaming

... there was no awakening from this dream
because the dream of doubt left the Peace called Sleep...

-- O'no

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