Doorway to The Infinite

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"This very moment is limitless.
It is a doorway to the infinite.

But in order to go through the doorway,
you must relinquish all ideas, all concepts.

You cannot bring anything through this doorway.
Only your most naked essential self as attention goes through.

So the path of awareness means in meditation,
you keep surrendering all thoughts that arise.
You do not get rid of them or push them away.
You surrender your holding on to them.

And each time you surrender all holding on,
you sink a little deeper into this moment,
a little deeper into consciousness.

Consciousness becomes cleaner, clearer;
more transparent.

And in this transparency,
consciousness is revealed to be infinite.
You are opened up into the infinite.

What this moment is, what consciousness is
is beyond all understanding.
It is limitless and astounding.

With every experience we have of consciousness
we define it and that definition limits our perception of it.

We call it being, we call it the witness and so on.
And so we learn to relinquish these ideas too
in order to experience consciousness fresh in this moment.

You relinquish everything and dissolve as attention
into attention itself and that opens you up into the Infinite,
into the extraordinary mystery that is the essence of everything.

Much love,


Kip is the Creator of Kundalini Shakti Music

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