Doomed Predictions - 2


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Is the world going to end? No, no as per the confirmations given by science. Majority of the world religious minded people who believe in the facts which have been submitted by the mythological literature of these religions but the science at present is so power for the expression of truth and so powerful in society that these believers also become doubtful about the actual happening of these predictions because the best acceptable facilitation for truth has been given by science and world enjoyed it and also enjoying it at present. Well then, what is; why? Well, your guess is as good as that of the scientists and of ours. God is Good for giving us better understandings towards the universe through science but God is very, very good for giving us best feelings towards the universe through love. The need of time is to have modern science for research in all religions and urgently needful it is for harmony of knowledge for the development of one universal scientific faith / religion, acceptable to all. Most prophets of doom have failed in their predictions. A look at some doomsday theories is submitted as below:----

History has countless examples of people who have proclaimed that the return of Jesus Christ is imminent, but perhaps there has never been a stranger messenger than a hen in English town of Leeds in 1806. It seems that a hen began laying eggs on which the phrase "Christ is coming" was written. As news of this miracle spread, many people became convinced that doomsday was at hand------ until a curious local actually watched the hen laying one of the prophetic eggs and discovered someone had hatched a hoax.

2. April 23, 1843; The MILLERITES
A new England farmer named William Miller, after several years of very careful study of his Bible, concluded that God's chosen time to destroy the world could be divined from a strict Literal interpretation of scripture. Thousands of followers (known as Millerite) decided that the actual date was April 23, 1843. When April 23 of 1843 arrived (Jesus didn't) the group eventually disbanded---- some of them forming what is now the 7th Day Adventists.

3. 1891 or earlier; MORMON ARMAGEDDON
Joseph Smith, founder of the Mormon church, called a meeting of his church leaders in February 1835 to tell them that he had spoken to God recently, and during their conversation he learned that Jesus would return within the next 56 years, after which the End Times would begin promptly.

In 1881, an astronomer discovered through spectral analysis that comet tails include a deadly gas called cyanogen. This was of only passing interest until someone realized that Earth would pass through the tail of Halley's comet in 1910. Would everyone on the planet be bathed in deadly toxic gas? That was the speculation reprinted on the front pages of a leading newspaper, resulting in a widespread panic across the US and abroad. Finally even-headed scientists explained that there was nothing to fear.

5. August 1999; NOSTRADAMUS
The heavily obfuscated and metaphorical writings of Michel De Nostradamus have intrigued people for over 400 years. His writings, the accuracy of which relies heavily upon very flexible interpretations. One of the most famous quatrains read, "The year 1999, seventh month from the sky will come great king of terror." However, this prediction failed like others.

6. JANUARY 1,2000; Y2K
As the last century drew to a close, many people grew concerned that computers might bring about doomsday. The problem, first noted in the early 1970s, was that many computers would not be able to tell the difference between 2000 and 1900 dates. At last the date passed of without any significant hurdle.


i. Maya's predicted end of the world in 2012: The Maya calender doesn't end in 2012. They kept time on a scale few other cultures have ever considered. The world is not going to end in 2012.

ii. Breakaway continents will destroy civilization: breakaway oceans and continents dump cities into sea causing the world to end. Scientists dismiss such drastic scenarios, saying it's not possible.

iii. Galactic alignment spells doom: Some sky - watchers believe 2012 will close with a galactic alignment. But NASA's George says, "There is no galactic alignment in 2012."

iv. Planet X is on a collision course with Earth: A mysterious planet X, aka Nibiru, on a collision course with Earth. NASA astrobiologist Morison, says "There is no object out there."

v. Solar storms to savage Earth: Our own sun is the enemy. Solar activity waxes and wanes according to a cycle. Scientists have said that nothing is going to happen.