Dog's spirituality

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We tend to regard animals as less spiritual than us or even as non spiritual at all.

It stems from our mind's hidden and erroneous assumption that spirituality originates from thinking. Actually, the only place where spirituality cannot originate from is thinking.

Anyone who has a dog cannot overlook the tremendous trust these creatures have in reality.

They seem to have no attachments. They will indeed do whatever needed and more to assure their survival, such as to obtain food. But while searching for food objects, it is still not an emotional bonding they develope with the object, eating is not a part of their identification-based extended personality, they don't have a such, it is merely an instinct.

They are naturally capable of having unconditional love.

And they see ghosts. At least my dog does.

Bottom line: if you want to have an ideal for spiritual conduct of life, watch your dog! Seriously, leave the books and satnsangs and watch your dog! He can be your true guru.