Does indeed more money mean more problems?

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You know this proverb "More money - more problems", the argument that says that the more possessions you have, the less happy you are.

I always thought that it is a ridiculous statement that only poor people can believe in, to justify in some way their poverty.

I thought that if I had, say, 1 million dollar, how on earth could I be worried and unhappy?

I thought that it is all a matter of attachment to the possessions and not the possessions themselves.

Well, the last sentence is indeed true. It is, of course, a matter of attachment to the possessions rather than the possessions themselves or the very ownership of them.

But, it happens that the more possessions one has, the greater is the level of difficulty one has to constantly face in order to not to get identified with and attached to his possessions.

The greater the magnet is, the greater force you are drawn to employ in order not to get attracted to it.

And at a certain mental level of wealth, a mortal human being cannot resist anymore. He becomes involved, he becomes identified with his wealth, he is one with his possessions. Hardly any way back anymore. Henceforth, he is constantly worried of loosing his possesions, he is constantly afraid.

To demonstrate that, ask yourself: Have you ever encountered one single rich person, only one, that bought a house and then was too negligent to forget about it and leave it abandoned? Bare in mind that for many hundred thousands of rich people on earth right now buying a house is like for you buying a pen and yet you have never heard of a single house which happened to be left behind by a clumsy rich man. Even the most forgetful ones of them regain a tremendous focus and recollection ability when it comes to specifics of their wealth.

So yes, unfortunately if the spiritual path is truly important for you, you must beware of possessions, you must stay away from excessive wealth, you may need to choose.

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The essence of austerity

Well described! This is the prime essence of austerity which is so misunderstood by most people.

The food brings the hunger, not vice versa. And it does. Theoreticians will argue all sort of arguments about willpower, detachment and so on but at the end of the day, at some higher level of plenitude, as you wrote, the human trait cannot resist the temptation. It is some kind of a survival mechanism. It is like saying that a heroin addict can resist his desire for the substance when having it in front of him.

dank | Tue, 05/29/2012 - 10:15
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Detachment comes from Wisdom...

Detachment doesn't mean live without your survival necessity...but not drawn by your unnecessary temptations or adiction...which you don't really require.

You have both the option either you go by your senses for your matterial pleasure or choosing your will power for your higher benifit....yuo must analyse the consequences of both the state.

Wisdom of your precious life is more important than your so called Temptation for leading the life.

bonya basu | Tue, 05/29/2012 - 11:14