Does god exist or not ,is queation creats the tug of war with in

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Does god exist or not,is the question that succeeds not only dividing people, creates a tug of war within the individual mind . Ironically if one believes in god ,nothing else matters and if one does not believe then too nothing else matters. Those who have implicit faith in god bow their heads in submission to what they call divine will. They believe the world is testing ground and sorrows must be borne with patience in order to prove their love to god. On the other hand atheists claim that the whole world is random creation arising ,so to speak of chemical gravy that is accidental. Both this argument are based on the physical identity which is ego and the experience of the world as reality. When the whole mind which appears and disappears as experience of duality is dependent on the the invisible substance and witness which is spirit or Ataman, it is erroneous to take authorship as a person and imagine things without verifying the validity of his belief.
Therefore it is no use of indulging in condemning belief of god or belief of no god with never ending arguments. But it is high time to make sure what is mystery behind one's own existence to unfold the truth.

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It is HIS play/Leela.He is playing with HIMSELF,I do not find any mystery in it.

madan_gautam | Fri, 11/21/2008 - 12:33