Dods Name

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Mahanam .God's Name comes from deep within a person's consciousness.Its two rhythmic sounds manifest the bipolarity of human existence.The sounds harmonise the duality between humans and God.When we walk daily with conscious companionship of the Supereme soul,our inner Divine consciusness is Awakned . Dadaji

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devotion is a beautiful path

(Do you mean OM when you talk about the sound of the name of god?)

Anyway, I can personally relate to the later part - being conscious, whenever we remember, to that supreme spirit not just in special moments when we happen to be present - at some point it is awakening within your consciousness, it does and it is beautiful.

This was the beauty of the realization of Ramdas and the beauty of the conduct of Krishna lovers.

nathan | Wed, 12/24/2008 - 21:40