Dobts and confusion are main ingredients in spritual pursuit

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Doubts and confusions are main ingredients in pursuit of truth. Sticking to some theories and accumulated knowledge of religion and philosophy without verifying their validity makes the mind stagnant, believing the accepted truth as ultimate truth.

Doubts and confusions removes the stagnation, and helps the seeking mind to inquire and reason and accept the truth, and reject the untruth.

Due to inherited conditioning people are thought to believe only what religion says is ultimate truth, without verifying the validity of their belief.

Religion may be necessary in worldly life to live certain way and life style, in order to create harmony among the people. Religion is truth only to the people who believe duality as reality. For truth seeker religion cannot quench his thirst. Seeker of truth is aware of the fact religious truth is not universal. Thus his doubts and confusions helps him to think beyond.