Do We Need to Reincarnate Through all Signs of the Zodiac?

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Do We Need to Reincarnate Through all Signs of the Zodiac?

Questioner: Are there certain experiences a soul has to have before they choose a particular sign to be born into?

The Council: Each sign has the ability to offer an entity, shall we say, tools to work with. Since the final product or the final development is a well-rounded or, shall we say, a fully aware entity, it is basically the entity's choice which sign that he enters into. There are times though when there is a necessary, shall we say, correction for the entity to undergo before he can come in or progress any further. In that particular instance then it may be necessary for the entity to enter in through a certain sign so that he is equipped, shall we say, with the tools necessary to overcome the obstacle in his path. But as a rule there is enough leeway in each of the signs so that this is not an absolute necessity as a general rule.

Questioner: So then we don't necessarily go around the horoscope from sign to sign in our incarnations?

The Council: No, each individual is a separate entity and each individual has its own balance that it must achieve, so therefore it will move from sign to sign as the balance is needed. What you may develop out of balance may not be what someone else would develop out of balance. It is not necessary to make a complete passage through all the twelve signs.

It may be necessary though under certain circumstances where an individual re-enters a number of times under the same sign because he has not been able, shall we say, to handle the situation, and then again that same entity may avoid one or two or three signs altogether and never make entrance under those signs.

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