Do not take a rigid stand on the happenings in life.

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21) You are like a rickshaw puller; wife and children get into it to get down on the way, paying you in kind (love and affection). Finally when all your energies are drained, I shall be the one to pull you to your destination.
22) Let the metal of life be subjected to intense heat of trials and testing periods. Once immersed in the fluid (Sai) and watch it glow with superb color and shine.
23) Pilgrimage in life (search for God) is important but it need not start from the very first station, it can as well start from some where half way through.
01-02- 1993
24) By perambulating around the deities in the temples, you only gaining the feeling that you have gone round the God. If you adopt an orphan child God himself will be after you to look after the orphaned child.
25) You are like a bull pulling a bullock cart and must be tired of doing it continuously. Rest for a while in between, recapitulate the good events of the past, to get refreshed and restart.

26) Life is a movie projector and you are its operator. As long as the projection is going on well with out any interruptions, the audiences (wife and children) cheer and praise you. Any breaks in the film only invite strong criticism and would be considered as failure on your part. However you have to run the show till the end, as you cannot run away halfway through.
27) Life is like dwelling in a seven-storied building. Try living in the seventh floor with seven doors to reach God with lesser efforts.
28) It is not important as to how many kites you have successfully cut in community kite flying competition. What's important is how many of them you could fly through to great heights with out entangling the twine.
29) Kith and kin respect you for temporary wealth at your command but not without evil designs and jealousies in their minds. Try to earn the God's grace, since it cannot be stolen by anybody. Distribute the resulting fruits to others liberally and become a Sai bandhu.
30) Do not take a rigid stand on the happenings in life. Accept things as they come with pleasure, to lead a peaceful and happy life.