Do not fall prey to intoxicants to run away from difficulties in life.

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41) Do not forget the hardships you have faced in life and do not create the same to others to be human. The moment you do, you are as good as a devil.
42) Spiritualism takes its origin from the success, failures and depth of difficulties an individual has undergone in his lifetime. It cannot be found in books.
43) Foresight, a good character, and above all a kind heart are the assets required for a peaceful life.
44) Complete the responsibilities and all other obligations while you are young and energetic. When you grow older, learn to relax and take recourse to the almighty.
45) Do not fall prey to intoxicants to run away from difficulties in life. Similarly do not fast to please or earn the love of God.
18-11 1996

46) Your past History is chasing you like a cobra with vengeance. The people with a spiritual bent of mind are a protected lot. Discharging one's responsibilities is an integral part of spiritualism.
47) Forget about the sins committed in the past and learn to live Virtuously in the present. Keep faith in ‘Guru’ so that he can take care of your present for a better future.
48) When you fail to win the love of your dear ones, never aspire for sympathies from others. Pray God to fill the void with his divine grace.
49) Charities given in the form of free education and food may not be to the liking of your family members. On the day of your demise family members may not shed a tear, but those benefited will certainly feel the vacuum and perhaps may even cry.
50) People with and with out money are both living happily. Money is not the only thing in life. The strong will to lead a happy and contented life is more important.

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Define "intoxicants"

Define "intoxicants". Sports, bread or cookies or a good book are not? but they trigger release of hormones like adrenaline the same way alcohol does.

Instead of just quoting, activate your own awareness, your own investigation, your own judgement. Don't be satisfied by words of others no matter how clever you think they are.

Jasmin | Fri, 08/19/2011 - 11:17