Do any true spritual master or teacher exist in this genration.

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Do any true spritual master exist in this genration, can any body refer me the address.


Many, many true masters exist

Seekers must have themselves to become true seekers. If seekers are not true then how can they get true guides; hence, seekers have to become true aspirants. True gurus cannot be available in the open market but it is the matter of inner spiritual thirst which naturally leads the seekers to reach at the holy feet of Guru.

Guru is available at each level as per the level of aspirant from the lowest stage to highest stage.

Here is available Baba Mahavatar but there must be someone capable to sit at his holy Feet.

Here is Available Parshuram, Ashwatthaamaa(chiranjivis), Hanuamn, Kaag-bhushundi etc. but who is qualified seeker/disciple who may be capable to become their disciple?

Really, nobody!

Victory to Mother Kundalini.

NIDHI PARKASH | Mon, 08/02/2010 - 18:17
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Yes, real masters exist

But many don't want them, because they create hell and
heaven for their disciples. Why? To learn how to transcend them both to reality - which is always the "all and everything."

My master says, "Existence says 'give me everything. Your whole life, your whole soul....and in return, all will be given."

True masters create hell, doubt, crisis, turmoil, embarrassment, humiliation, they fool you and trick you, everything bad for you to transcend. And transcend it you must if you want reality.

True masters create flattery, intimacy, love, joy, happiness, contentment, everything good for you to transcend. And transcend it you must if you want reality.

Heaven and Hell are dualistic. Reality is non-dual. It's not heaven and it's not hell. The true master helps you to get over yourself so that you can taste it. But you have to go through heaven and hell to get there - you have to learn to not be controlled by either or both of them in order to get to reality.

How do true masters get a bad rap by the people on this site? You tell me.

How do you find a true guru? Open your heart and cry to God until it gives you one. Bitch, whine, be alert, ask other people, be watchful always, search and search and go to hear teachers....find the one you are astounded by and do what s/he says.

Gilana | Thu, 10/13/2011 - 18:08