Division the cause of our Woes

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I think the cause of our problems both within and without is the division. We are divided in Nationalities, interest groups, races, gender and all the rest. Internally we have contradictory desires, our likes and dislikes and the various dualities.

Someone may ask aren't all these real. They may be real but the facts could be different from what we take them to be now. There are those intellectual explanation that tell us of brotherhood or love thy neighbour stuff but nothing seems to work. The only way in which we could determine the truth or all that is involved in the propensity of divisive consciousness is by study of oneself.

Gurdjieff gave a very good key to transformation towards unity consciousness and that was by stating that contrary to the popular belief we were not aware of I. We don't have something solid inside, a center of consciousness, which can attend to or observe things. In our attempt to be aware or observe we become forgetful in no time. These are times when we make a conscious resolve. Imagine what happens in our ordinary interactions or when we are overwhelmed by strong emotions. In normal circumstances we are in a state of hypnotic sleep and that is the reason why we get exploited by politicians and Gurus.

One of the prominent division is between the observer and the observed as in dream, in our waking hours and hence the name hypnotic sleep. Our I is preoccupied with thoughts or reactions even during the time we need to attend to something wholeheartedly. All true observation wants from us this undivided attention.

As a first step to get over these various divisions is to aim for having a center in our consciousness that is not divisive. Only then we would become truly indivisible(Individual).

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"...the cause of our problems both within and without is the division."


Love = Unity. ONENESS. There is only one of us.
Fear = egoic separation.

Quantum | Mon, 03/01/2010 - 18:51