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Prem means love, rupesh means god of the form – the full name will mean god of the form of love,
god of love. And once you recognise something in you, it starts happening; that is the miracle.
If you think of yourself as being depressed, you remain depressed. If you think of yourself as being
unhappy, you remain unhappy. It is only a turning in your thought: you can become happy just by
deciding to be happy.
People think that they are unhappy because there is some cause for them to be unhappy. The reality
is just the opposite: they have decided to be unhappy, hence the cause exists. It is not the cause that
makes them unhappy: because they have decided to be unhappy the cause comes into existence,
and they are looking at things just in the reverse order.
Once you decide, immediately that thing starts happening, because the inner power of man is
infinite. Howsoever we seem on the surface, we are not limited. The deepest source of your being
is unlimited, infinite. So once you start thinking in terms of your being divine, you start becoming
divine; nothing else is needed. You just have to create a thought-climate about yourself.
So this has to be your climate: become more and more loving and think of yourself as a temple of
love, and the god of love is sitting just inside your being.
In the beginning it will look like a fantasy, a fiction; soon you will realise that is has become the
reality, and once you have learned this secret art – of changing your life just by conscious decision
– you have learned something tremendously valuable. Then you carry a key in your hand which can
unlock all doors. It is a master key; no lock exists that it cannot open.
And this is the very foundation of all religions. god is not there existing. You have to decide that god
exists, then he exists in you!
That’s why the atheist can never come to know god, because he wants god to exist first and then
he will accept. That is impossible because he comes into existence only when you come to acccept
The moment you accept, he is. But if you say, ’First I will have to see him and then I will accept,’
you will miss, because you don’t give the climate in which he can be, in which he can reveal himself.
That’s the meaning of trust.
So let your sannyas be a great leap into trust, a jump and from this moment think of yourself as a
Life is a temple, and god is enshrined in the temple.
We are carrying infinite potentiality – and completely unaware... living like beggars when we can live
like emperors. Nobody is hindering us except our own fallacious ideas and old habits; habits have a
great pull.
To be depressed is a habit,, to be angry is a habit, to be sad is a habit – and naturally they are very
wrong habits. To be happy, again is another habit. It is the same energy that becomes unhappiness
or happiness; you just have to change your habit, your outlook, your attitude, and immediately energy
starts flowing into a new channel. So from this moment, become happy, become loving, become
grateful, become celebrating.
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