Divine Love

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Dear Friends
It is a must to understand this powerful secret. Love is divine. It is of a sacred and pure nature. It is not momentary. It is not temporary or conditional. It is an everlasting and eternal.
Physical love is momentary, unstable, fleeting, and perishable. It is like the scent of a body; it is a mere physical infatuation, based on lust. Lust is centred on the self, it is selfish and possessive. But, what is Spiritual Love? It is fragrance of the soul. It is a deep connection. It is not about I, me and mine. It is about sacrifice and surrender. It is not temporary or momentary. It has a transcendental quality, it goes beyond time. What is the inherent joy in Love? It is ever-lasting – Why? because true Love demands sacrifice. Sacrifice brings with it, happiness. But sacrifice of what, does the true love demand? Sacrifice of egoism and rigidity. Courageous are the ones who Love.
An egocentric person cannot conceive true Love. One who is blanketed by ignorance, arrogance and egoism; can never understand the sacred nature of Love! Arrogance and egoism have seeds of hatred. Obsessed with oneself, egoism breeds either indifference or hatred for others. Today an absence of Love can be felt. What has come to replace Love? The place of Love has been squatted by vices of egoism, hatred and jealousy. When the ego of an egoist gets hurt, he starts hating the person who pricked his ego. And, what is jealousy? It is another form of hatred. It is hatred that gives rise to, and strengthens, the feeling of jealousy. It begins with pride. Pride gives rise to hatred and hatred in turn, breeds jealousy and malice. Man gets caged by such vices. Hatred cannot be remedied by hatred. Hatred can only be remedied by Love. Today there is a necessity to cultivate the virtue of Love. May the stream of Love flow and wash away feelings of hatred pride and jealousy.
Knowledge is also a necessary requisite. Knowledge, Detachment, then Love, and then Devotion – this is the right sequence. The foundation of devotion becomes strong only when the base of Love is firm; and there must be an absolute faith and a strong hold over knowledge and principles. Knowledge, Detachment and Love are the bases of devotion. Let us meditate on Swarveda and tune in to the words of Sadgurudeo; which encapsulate all the secrets of Love.
Is it possible to attain devotion without Love? It is not. And, when does one feel Love? – when this wisdom is obtained, and when this belief strengthens that this path is the eternal path of truth. This is the path of Brahm Vidya and the conscience path. This path leads uplifts the soul – and, as knowledge keeps expanding, Love also grows. Knowledge and Love are inter-dependent – according to the words of Swarveda. If there is no knowledge, if ignorance is there, how could Love be steady? When there are doubts in the principles, then how can the practice bear fruits?
Today ignorance and egotism are widespread. There is a need to stop ignorance and imprudence, for knowledge to illuminate and destroy darkness. Several lives are spent in ignorance and darkness. Wisdom eludes those people. They do not realize this; they are unable to realize the true nature of their own spiritual selves. They fail to understand their responsibilities. Today it is important to understand our responsibilities in life, what is the mission of our life, why have we been granted this human form, what are our duties towards our own selves. Unless this wisdom dawns upon us how can the virtue of Love get strengthened? How can we proceed on the path of devotion? It is essential to have complete faith in the principles. And, one who has doubts in the principle cannot attain (spiritual) experiences. He does not deserve to be called a devotee, he is not a Lover. This realization comes from Seva (service, obeying the orders of the Guru) and Satsang (Company of ‘the truthful’). This is the outer knowledge, one must acquire it. This should be acquired through Swarveda and through Satsang. This is the first secret of Brahm Vidya(vihangam yoga):
So, let the knowledge of the elements be obtained and let the edifice of Love become strong. As this knowledge keeps expanding, Love keeps growing. Eventually we realize true devotion. Our Sanskaras (the impressions of current and previous incarnations as registered in Chitta) are also effective role-players. Sanskaras also influence our mortal lives. Nevertheless, we have the power to influence through our own efforts and actions. Human life is not merely for reaping the good and the bad of the previous lives. It gives us an ultimate opportunity of taking actions. This is why this human life is a reward to us; we got born in human form; to exert, to try, to be industrious and fulfill the goals of our lives; to meet our social duties, family responsibilities and to build a spiritual life. In our human-body form, the soul can make infinite progress. Human life, the human body, is the best medium for spiritual advancement. In this (body) alone can the soul emancipate.
There is a need for knowledge; there is a need for Love, through which an entire set of realizations will unfold. It is human-beings who can experience the inner spiritual existence. Let us plunge deep into the words of Swarveda and hear what all secrets of Love Sadgurudeo reveals. Let us meditate on these words. These are indisputable words, the words of truth. This is the foundational base on which the