Divine Love

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"The divine love that i am able to shine is a reflection of the divine that is within each of you.

Divine love transcends all physical aspects of the mundane that humanity has lived with for its countless number of limited generations.

Divine love is the core of everything that exists.

Divine love is in you, it is in me, it is in all of us and in every living thing, it is the very essence that creates the oneness that we are.

Embracing this divine love within our hearts is the core of the work that we are here to do.

We must seek this divine love diligently and not be distracted by the mundane aspects of the ego mind that would trick us away from the essence of who we really are.

Divine love is not sexual, nor is it angry or jealous or seeking relationship outside of itself. Divine love is beyond everything.

Divine love cannot be found by flying from flower to flower but by entering the core of who you are and embracing the shadows and limiting programmes and letting them go.

I am committed to the divine love that is flowing in my heart.

I ask that mother earth bring the depth of love that i have experienced into everyone’s hearts as we each remember our oneness.

Thank you."

Rahma(inspired by the work of Tony Samara http://www.gurusfeet.com/guru/tony-samara)