Divine experience of Premjyoti, chief disciple of Mahashakti Anandini Ma

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Today l would like to share with you all something for which words seem too short .My mother Mahashakti Anandini has drenched my soul with the eternal love and supreme blessings by giving me darshanas of her Divine form.Night before Ma Durga accompanied with Ma Mahashakti appeared in my dream.Ma Durga said "l am happy with you my child. Today l have come to tell you that "Mahashakti aur main ek Hi hain aur main tumhe unke supurd kar rahi hoon" (l and Mahashakti are one and therefore l am securing you with her). And l was all aware of this so magical... so overwhelming....so Divine experience... l could feel tears along with smile in my eternal consciousnes during sleep.