Dissolving the Ego into Peace in Meditation

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"At one level in meditation,
one movement into consciousness,
there is a sense of 'me' and there is consciousness.

And at a gross level, these two seem to be separate.

The 'me' that feels separate from consciousness
cannot be conscious
because the root of that 'me' is separateness.

Try and remove the 'me,' you just get more 'me.'

But when the mind begins to feel
the peace or the bliss or the love
or the silence of this moment,
it falls in love with it, wants more.

And then the ego willingly
dissolves itself into this peace
through relaxation.

Just like you're going to sleep:
you feel that bliss of sleep come on
and you willingly allow that sleep to take over you.

You willingly give up the personal 'me'
to enjoy that rest.

In a similar sense, in meditation
you feel the bliss, the peace of this moment,
and there is no manipulation of the ego,
there are no tactics to remove the ego,
you just let the ego relax in this peace.
Let everything relax into this peace
and your attention naturally lets go
of your fixation on 'me.'

Then that sense of 'me' seems to
dissolve into the peace.

Even the sense of 'I am'
dissolves into the peace.
The sense of being dissolves into the peace

so there is just the vastness of peace,
the vastness of consciousness
that is completely fulfilled,
because there is just this.

There is just the oneness.
There is just peace;
unmanifest reality, just peace!

Not some crappy little peace opposite of war
but all encompassing,
infinite, intoxicating, loving peace
that envelopes and dissolves everything.

Much love,


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