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Advaita emphasises on a non-dual truth as set forth in the body of Upanishads also called Vedanta. Some therefore assume that discrimination can be dispensed with as all is one homogeneous entity called Brahman and the individual being but a misconception for Atman is non other than Brahman. Mahavakyas or unique utterances of Upanishads proclaim this sameness of Atman and Brahman. This to me is a fatal error. Adi Sankara the foremost proponent of this lineage (Parampara) stressed on discrimination (Viveka) between Atman (Self) and un-Atman (Not- Self) to be one of the four cardinal requirements. In fact he wrote a treatise called Drig Drishya viveka (an inquiry into the nature of the. 'seer' and the 'seen') and Vivekachudamani. The Vivekachudamani describes developing Viveka—the human faculty of discrimination—as the central task in the spiritual life and calls it the crown jewel among the essentials for Liberation. The title Vivekachudamani translates to Crest Jewel of Discrimination. Ramana Maharshi another luminary of modern times has written a brief introduction to it.

The irony is that in modern times people in the midst of strife and politics use all kinds of bizarre logic and in the same breath declare that discrimination is not required and mind need not be understood or restrained for either it is not possible or that it does not exist.