Discover within............Love, Energy, Awareenss & Peace (LEAP).......Your Essential Nature

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Let us discover ...Love, Energy, Awareness and Peace within ...................Your essential nature

first is Peace -----------is our essential nature. it hides behind the veil of body, life and mind and is beyond all of them. It is a state of consciousness that transcends them all the above.

The journey to peace can only take place when we know and are aware of what is Living within and Living Outside.
Living within simply means gathering the threads of mental consciousness and taking the mind inside.
How to gather the mind , take it inside , explore consciously what lies within beyond body, life and mind is the subject matter of Yoga, Spirituality, Tantra, Meditation etc

Awareness IS when there is PEACE. That is why in Yoga, Indian spirituality there is Peace that is recalled again and again i.e. before and after every rituals, activity, practice, and personal, professional, social works of life.

we loose awareness and fall into unconsciousness when we are tired, in anxiety and stress and move in anger, jealousy etc.
all experiences of anxiety, anger, agitation, stress , problems and sufferings are Living Outside...........

this means whenever , you experience any one of them above, you are Living Outside. Become aware and start gathering the threads of mental consciousness within. Start Living within and see what happens

to be continued