Direct Method to Self Realization

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"There is a direct method
to self realization.

And that is to close your eyes
and notice what is here
beyond all thinking.

Beyond any thought
there is a subtle experience
of existing.

You can feel it.

If you give your complete focus
to this feeling of existing
then this feeling expands
very quickly.

Infinite consciousness
that seems asleep inside of you
awakens very quickly.

But what happens is thinking
pulls you out of it.

So many thoughts arise
to grab your attention
and bring you back into
thought identification.

The mind wants you to remain
identified with thoughts.

Your attention to your thinking
empowers the mind,
it is its food.

So in order to have your complete
focus on the sensation of existing,
it is necessary drop every thought
that arises like its a hot potato.

With intense focus,
you ignore the thoughts,
your attention is completely
turned away from thinking.

This is not a technique
where witnessing thoughts works
because even that requires a certain
amount of attention on thinking.

So intense is your focus on
what is here beyond the mind,
that thoughts may not even arise.

It requires great intensity
because by reflex, you will
want to identify with the thoughts.

Just like an alcoholic wants a drink:
one drink and all the discomfort will go away.
Same with thinking.
Just let your focus fall back into thinking
and all the discomfort and intensity
will go away.

Because it can be uncomfortable,
it can be very intense going completely
beyond the mind.
And there is a certain pleasure
in being lost in thought.

But the more you practice,
the more it can become passive,
the more you can relax
into what is beyond the mind.

But it is very easy to turn this into mind.
To call this feeling of existing
beyond thinking 'the self'
and then it becomes
another experience of the mind,
something that you now have defined
as an experience and have along
with every other experience.

So it does require great intensity,
great focus to keep turning away
from thinking into
what is here beyond thought
and remaining in what is beyond thought.

To even say remaining does not cut it,
because it is not a place
where you can remain,
it is not a thing or a place
rather it is the absence of things and places,
the absence of everything known,
eternally fresh and new.

And through intense practice you realize
this absence is the light of bliss,
you become a light bulb of bliss.

Very quickly it can happen this way
for one who has the discipline.



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Thanks for sharing your TEACHINGS.

bonya basu | Thu, 09/16/2010 - 06:27