The Dilema in Yoga - What is Truth May not be the Truth - 3

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The second section of the people are enthusiasts. They lack sufficient understanding and knowledge. But, they are decisive and strong-minded. They are ready to undergo any hardship to achieve what they have desired. In order to facilitate such enthusiasts, a discipline of yoga is formulated. Asanas- body exercises and Pranayama – breath control, are taught in the beginning. Only after aquiring some control over the body and mind, they are taught Yoga. Concentration, Contemplation and then Observation are in the process. Concentration becomes the primary requisite in sublimating the mind and its workings. When the mind comes under control we can look inside and an Insight happens. What we see with the physical eye is different from what we see with mind’s eye. We just observe. We become mere spectators, not participants. It is a real transition. Transit from the external to the internal, from the outer to the inner. There lies the secret of all yoga. In the higher consciousness we start to experience.

Our scholars vividly define everything that is beyond definition and above definition. To define means to limit its scope, to curtail its expansion, its growth. We can’t define god. We can’t define bliss. We can’t define ecstasy. We can’t define Yoga Charm or Yoga Charishma. Yoga is widely understood as some sort of uniting our soul with the supreme, i.e. Atma with Paramatma or raisin Atma to the level of Paramatma, exactly super conscious level. Any union of Atma and Paramatma results in Self Awakening. This happens in realization. This Atmic explosion is similar to that of atomic explosion. The explosion is a silent work. An explosion that happens in silence, is utter blankness. This tremendous happening is called Self-realization. It results in all side illumination, all round revolution, all in one evolution. Even to know us is not an easy task. Unless we realize we can’t find our self. Our whole effort in search of the self comes under the banner of Yoga. In fact, we are filled with bliss. Who can say what is there beyond? We can discover Paramatma. It has no form, no quality, and no identity. What we call Paramatma is a Myth. What is real may not be found. What is true, may not be the truth.

Yoga is nothing but a voyage into Nothingness. Even if there is nothing the travel becomes risky. It demands so much discipline and dissipation of physical consciousness. To become higher conscious one must go beyond the mind. It is not the mind’s work altogether. We should not use our mind to conquer mind. So, there is another device to conquer mind and to go beyond mind. That device is called Yoga Consciousness. The practice of yoga is technical. Be conscious of Yoga and develop yoga. Conscience is the other. The Other is the goal of all Yogas. Man or women, young and the old, irrespective of age, caste and creed can practice yoga, in any region, in any religion.

Kundalini is not far from the reach. Dedication, sincerity and total surrender are the requisites of a Sadhaka. The saints are not godheads, nor they are god sent. The 20th century witnessed a good number of high orders in a different scenario. Madam Blavatsky, Master CVV, Shiridi Sai, Sri Aurobindo, Ramana Maharshi, Rama Krishna Parama Hamsa, Parama Hamsa Yogananda, J.Krishna Murthy, Ramachandraji, OSHO and many other shed new light on Yoga.

The followers cannot become Masters. A Master is one who finds a new path and attract people into his way. All the above mention Masters broke the tradition and independently realized their self and found the Truth. Even though, they differ in many ways they have truth in common. There is a divine thread that connects them all together.