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All the prophets are great Masters. Every one of them established a new direction from his experience and findings. No Master in the past call it a religion. His followers converted it into a religion. In fact there is no religion as such. Even Buddha preached his principle. In course of time it was named as Buddhism. Even Lord Jesus taught certain principles for right living later it became Christism. There are philosophers in all countries, in all ages. Every one of them searched for truth. On the basis of their experiences, they taught to the people what they believed true. The teachings vary according to the needs of different sections of the people, their mental setup and their receiving capacity. All people cannot be in the same line. Ways and means differ from country to country and from time to time. But man remains the same right from the inception and the goal remains the same. Even in times to come perfection of manhood launches in Divinity.

The space vehicle is Yoga in search of truth. The names may differ, but search will be the common. The experiences may differ, but the findings will be common. If the head and heart dissolve in the self, it will be Yoga. From times immemorial people of high intellect and wisdom practiced to think in the vacant spaces of heart, leaving the head behind. Like Jesus and the Buddha, out of compassion, many a saint strained their brains to wipe off tears of the suffering folk. Those that practice yoga find some truths. Such findings are not found in religion. Yoga is a special effort for a special purpose. It is the right of every person to find out truths out of his experiences in higher consciousness. One must remember that such truth finders would rise above all religions, dogmas and beliefs.

Right from the primitive ages, there is a high regard for miracles and mystic under-takings. They are clubbed with Tantra and Mantra, a particular pattern of figure and sound. People believe these Mantras and Tantra's easily, unquestioningly. A small result and a little bit of mental relief is enough to establish faith and confidence in them. During the Vedic ages Tantra and mantra had a stronghold on the minds of uneducated public. The educated section got control over such mystic works. They took all pains to get hold on the subject, thereby dejecting the lower strata of society still lower. They cleverly divided the paraphernalia into two sections, namely god worship and demon-worship. A section of the elite began to worship gods and other demons. Both kinds of worshipers acquired some mystical powers. Those extra powers placed them on a high pedestal. The secret acts and rituals scared common people. They began to call them mystics. The masters of such mystic works imposed hard rules and regulations so that ordinary people do not aspire scholarship in those fields.

What is yoga in reality? Why should anyone practice yoga? For what purpose? In what way yoga is useful to common man? These questions are not answered by any one so far. They are not questions, they are queries. They are to be enquired. Enquiry is external, inquiry is internal. Inside search is Inquiry. Yoga is search inside. It is search in the unknown – It anchors in the experience itself.

Mere teachings do not give knowledge. One thousand teachings do not match with one experience. There are two types of yoga practices in vogue. One type of people believe in god and his existence. The other type bypass gods and their interference in spiritual development and try for self Realization exercising on soul. They seek only truth and nothing else. No heaven, no Moksha even. This inquiry and entry in the inner self divides. The inquiry in the heart’s silent chambers becomes yoga work. That is exactly practice that means sadhana. One should cross the physical, mental and spiritual planes one by one. If a sadhaka forgets, rather ignores the world cover, he is rightly admitted into the astral world. There the phychie does not stand in the way. It would not cut short the progress of an adept.

So, we must understand that a spiritualist should cross the physical as well as mental planes safely to find an access into the real spiritual space. That’s real yoga with no technique or what so ever. No body thinks with the body. The entire machine of the physical body of man is under direct control of the mind. So, the mind plays a prominent role in subsiding the physical actions. If we take control over the mind, the body obeys its orders like an obedient servant. In the process, the body should be calm and attain stillness first. Then we can concentrate our efforts to cool down mind’s activity. To achieve that quietness we practice certain asanas and mudras. We need some more essentials to lessen the load on the mind. Only after trespassing the mind we reach quite and calm state, where we feel real ecstasy. From that great silence generated sparks of Divine light and flashes of Truth.

One must be serious in matters of yoga and in spiritual progress. Even a spec of doubt or suspicion will curtail growth, will hammer the brain. Such doubtful people ultimately end in asylums. One must have knowledge of the body and the Self before he set to practice yoga. Those who knew the pedigree of man can safely travel in the space ship called yoga, and enjoy its beauties and benedictions fully. So, complete awareness of our self and our surroundings is essential in yoga. As we progress in Yoga generally we understand the intrigues and intricacies and could overcome them effortlessly.
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