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- Master CVV Namaskaram-

Paradox! Paradox!
Life is a paradox, Religion is another paradox!
Every religion is based on certain findings and belief in them. They are nourished for a time. Gradually misunder-standings take place, and mis-interpretations enter in, thus resulting in dis-belief. The rebellion mind searches for something new, something true. Thus new beliefs and new religions come up.

To know and feel the supreme or Paramatma is the zeal of Yoga. One has to dispel with gods and goddesses to find a clear path to the almighty (specially Hinduism). Direct escalation may not be possible. So, we have to tread some path or other walk off some steps before we take a leap into the unknown. We should not waste our time taking rest on the steps. At every step, we are struck with wonders. The glamour that surrounds each step makes us forget our ultimate goal, and cut short our travel. We spend a whole life time there itself, fanciful. Never a soul reaches its goal and attains perfection through a number of lives.

All religions accept god in one form or the other or formless. In other words, acceptance of god is the basis for any religion. Religions differ with beliefs. The irony is, one religion discards other religions. Nobody is ready to accept and respect other man’s faith. They even hate. Why man stoops to such mean levels? All trust the supreme. That trust is important. Trust is Gospel – generated love in humanity “Find Yourself” – that should be the motto – to all spiritualists.

So, let us come to the point self-analysis. Let us discard the theories, dispel with god folk. Let us start independently. Let us analyze independently ourselves. That will certainly give scope to self-analysis. Let us cultivate our self. Then we can travel towards the soul.

Man’s ultimate desire is to become divine. Humanity in its perfect flowering becomes divine. That is god conscience. For that we need self-culture. No gods will come in the way of those that directly search for Paramatma. No evil spirits obstruct the way to Self-realization. Religion, in other words, is a social custodian of man. It curtails man’s movements, imposes some restrictions on man’s behavior and it finally reduces man to rags. A person having self-awareness, aspiring divinity in him should shackle the dogmatic chains and set himself free. One should be ale to get out of the religious clutches.

We don’t know why we are born. Our souls do not have religion. In common no soul wants to take birth only in America or India. Only great souls come to birth at their will. But many souls do not have that choice. They simply born as a result of their past lives. Man is man whether he is born in a Muslim family or to Christian parents or in Hindu or Buddhist cults. Man is man. Humanity is the common component of man. Men with great souls become masters in the world. They do miracles during their tenure of life and help humanity to prosper and elevate. Ordinary souls follow great masters. Jesus, The Buddha, Sri Krishna are considered as great Masters. Such great souls take birth not simply to live and die. They die to live permanently. They live a divine life. So death does not devour them. They do out live death.

Hindu religious leaders do not allow others to infiltrate. Religion had no walls. But the self-styled Hindu religious god-heads do object. Now the scenario has been changed owing to inter –caste and inter-religious and inter-national marriages. After this internet working the off spring do not claim this caste or that caste, or this religion or that religion. It paved a way to international religiouslessness. Christianity, Islam, Buddhism allow anybody to join them. Man must have right to choose his faith. Man must have that freedom to reject the religion in which he had no faith, and adopt the one that he likes. Not only in matters of religion man needs freedom anywhere and everywhere. He should have that much of freedom to select his life partner, his profession. Hinduism un-ashamedly claims that all great sayings of other religious masters were taken from the Vedas and Upanishads. This eventually prejudices the minds of other religious heads. They pay no respect to these Hindu heads.

Swami Vivekananda has said rightly that the essence of all religions of the world is Self-Knowledge and that is the very basis of Veda and Upanishads. Any effort for Self-realization must be honored. That is called Aarsha Dharma. Any truth will fit in Aarsha Dharma. In other words, being within the limitations of one religion, one can surpass the limits and elevate to limitless heights. One can live with a religion, untouched by the dirt and dust of that religion. That is religiouslessness. There are one hundred and eight paths in Hinduism to reach the goal, what they call Moksha, dissolution in the supreme. There are two ways in Christianity Love and service. Compassion and wisdom are Buddhistic means.
To be cont.....