Different planes of existence

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Different planes of existence

Sankhya Yoga and many Upanishadas talk of various planes of
existence in the universe. As per Sankhya philosophy, Mother Nature
is working hard for the enlightenment of human beings, like she is
working hard to keep the lower beings to survive. There are 14th
planes of existence (sankhya shloka18):

=> Five types of lower entities : This plane consists of
animals, birds, reptiles, insects and plants

=> Human Beings

=> Pitra loka :- consists of good souls of our ancestors

=> Gandharva Loka : consists of souls higher than pitra loka.
They are demi-gods

=> Daiva Loka : lower gods live there

=> Indra Loka : higher gods, who control the nature's jobs
(like rain, heat, winter, air etc)….their chief is god Indra, which
is taken over by the highest soul, who is entitled to Indra Loka.
In each creation a new Indra takes over.

=> Prajapatya : This Plane of existence is for those souls who
have even transcended the gods plane…these souls take part in
creation of the universes

=> Brahmm Loka : This is the highest plane of existence for the
group of souls. The souls who reach here do not take birth in this
Kalpa and enjoy being with Brahmaa, the god of creation.

But the souls who reach upto Brahmloka… take re-birth if
not in this Kalpa then next… because when their good karmas are
exhausted, they have to take re-birth and re-start their sadhna.
But there is no re-birth in any form above Brahma loka. The amount
of bliss also varies in different lokas.

For the beings below humans there is no bliss, as what ever they
do is controlled by nature. Bliss or joy starts from human beings.

Thus, as per Brihdanyak upanishada

=> 100 times the bliss of humans is enjoyed by inhabitants of
Pitra loka

=> 100 times the bliss of Pitra loka is enjoyed by Gandharvas

=> 100 times the bliss of Gandharvas is enjoyed by devas (demi-

=> 100 times of devas is enjoyed by Prajapati loka

=> 100 times of prajapati loka is for Brahma loka.

Above Brahm-loka are Videha and Prakriti-Layas. Their bliss is
millions of times more than Brahma-loka and they do not take re-
birth… but they may chose to come back to earth as prophets or part
incarnations of god, if they so wish. Budha, Shankracharya, Jesus
etc came from this plane of existence

All worlds, from the abode of Brahma downwards, are subject to return (birth) i.e., after living there, at the end of the enjoyment of the fruit of their virtuous actions, men have to return. But O Arjuna, on attaining me (see Me in reality, know me in essence and enter into me) there is no rebirth. The soul has not to come back, because being a fraction of the Lord it reaches Him and Supreme abode of the Lord, is its real home. Its real home, is not the abode of Brahma etc., and so it has to come back from there.