A dialogue

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A dialogue with intellectually enlightened modern man (Em):-

Q. What is the aim of Life?
Em. Life has no aim. What aim do the birds have they fly freely.

Q. Is that equally applicable to man?
Em. Of course it is what each one makes of it. There could be no single aim for all.

Q. Could an individual have an aim?
Em. It is silly and shallow to have an aim just enjoy. All this is a dream.

Q. Surely if this is a dream then there must be something real?
Em. That is your very nature just enjoy.

Q. Maharaj I sure will if I could but do be kind enough to tell me how could I know it in my dream state and how could I for that matter do anything in a dream?
Em. Don't do anything your very doing is taking you away.

Q. As you know well I have to support a family and even having an audience with you was only possible after I paid the retreat fee which for my meager means was by no means meager.
Em. There are no free lunches everything comes for a price but your Self Is always available to you freely.

Q. If it was that freely available why would people come to successively for so many retreats both long and short and at considerable cost for as you rightly said nothing is ever free?
Em. That is their foolishness. They don't seem to understand and require hearing it repeatedly to sink in.

Q. So would you agree for a vast majority of dumb heads like me, we need to spend quite a few (Lot) bucks and listen repeatedly (time) in order to know our own Self which is freely available and do all this without any aim. Thank you I think I have at last made some sense out of it.

Em. What have you understood?
Q. That there are no free lunches.