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Q. What is the path?

A. From our present state we project or conceive a state of perfection. Such a conception would only be a continuation of the present state akin to a mirror image. Therefore undertaking of such a journey could not be called a path.

Q. I speak not from my projections but having heard others who speak about a different energy or knowing. Isn’t it about Energy or Kundalini?

A. What would one do with more energy but more of the same mischief? More Energy without knowing could do more harm than good.

Q. Then is it not a question of Energy?

A. It is but to begin with it is not a question of more but stopping the waste of available energy unproductively.

Q. So it’s about Knowing?

A. Yes that we do not and cannot know in our present state.

Q. That I already know and also that awareness is our very nature and hence I have to do nothing to attain it. Have I understood correctly?

A. I am afraid not for if you already know then how on earth would you ever come to a state of not knowing?

Q. But earlier I was in a state of ignorance. How could I begin to know and reach a state of not knowing?

A. The state earlier was incorrect knowing and knowing the ignorance is same as giving up false knowledge and not acquiring new knowledge.

Q. Surely we ought to know in order to act?

A. In the world we do need knowledge and it comes from practical application and is needed for getting along with life so is not ignorance in that sense. We hold many fantastic ideas where physical verification is not immediately called for or possible. It is these assumptions that need to be shed.

Q. Would an atheist be better off?

A. He has as many fantastic notions. In a sense we are all schizophrenics and maybe its fear that holds us back and we do not bring fantastic ideas out in open or act on them. One has therefore to access the secret chambers of psyche.

Q What is the method?

A. Beginning is always from a state of not knowing which opens a door to Listening or Observation.