Dhyan Sadhna

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Dear loveable friends,since we are living in 21st century, life pattern has become so fast that we have to go through stress,strain,tension and many kind of worry, fears which in turn affects our health and our day to day level of performance. That is why I am thinking of starting spiritual Gym’s but waiting for few investors to finance my project on profit sharing basis. Now following are the few tips which helps you to go into dhyan mode:
1. To begin with first of all you write down on a piece of paper with your own handwriting that you have started the Dhyan sadhna from some particular day & particular time as per your convieneince.Read this paper while going for sleep, after reading keep this paper below your pillow and first thing you do in the morning before leaving the bed is to read that paper again. Keep that paper in safe place and repeat this for 11 days at least.
2. Buy a heavy copper jug & fill the water in it at night. In the morning after doing teeth brush, take this water at least four glass. It will flush you completely & copper property in water, increase the hemoglobin content in the blood. Hemoglobin is the oxygen carrier in the body, which in turn provides maximum oxygen to your brain cells.
3. We need maximum oxygen in our blood veins, brain cells, lungs etc. Therefore start deep breath inhaling & exhaling outside by closing your eyes sitting on chair in lonely place either on your terrace, veranda or garden, anywhere as per your convenience for 15 minutes for 21 days.

Dhyan Sadhna (Step 2)

God Bless all. Now I will guide you how to prepare yourself for dhyan sadhna which is very essential for remaining calm in the fast life, get rid of stress, strain, high blood pressure & other ailments:

1) For at least 21 days, sit alone closing both your eyes, take deep breath inside & exhale outside deeply. Listen only to the voice of your breath, which will help you to relax your stiff muscles.

2) After 21 days you start your doing some ‘Pran Kriyas’ yoga exercises such as Kapalbhati, Agnisar, Belly Kriya, Alom Vilom, Brigmastika, Pranayam for atleast 30 minutes. After doing every exercise take a deep breath inside & through it out deeply before starting next exercise which will relax you.

3) Generally we don’t acknowledge our body organs. Please acknowledge each & every part of body from feet to head i.e. all vital organs such as both kidneys, lever, both lungs, complete heart system, pancreas, thyrodic glands, vocal chords, left part of brain cells as well as right part of brain cells with smile, give thanks to them that they are functioning 100% perfectly.

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Thanks to all.