Devotion to Lord - Research & Developments sofar

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Devotion to Lord - Research & Developments sofar
Faith developed through prayers & songs using superpowers of God for solutions will not stand forever because God will not answer always for the prayers, songs & crying with tears. People become addicted for such ways.

Child weeps every time for chocolate, which is habituated for that path. Child intensifies process of weeping if chocolate is delayed! Initially child is attracted by chocolates to go to school for some days. Child has become young person but did not cross first standard of school, because child concentrated only on art of weeping to get chocolates.

Person became postgraduate & even a Ph.D. degree holder in course of begging & weeping for chocolates. Person became exceptional scholar & developed several talents in praising Lord, crying for Lord, singing & music on Lord, meditation & concentration on Lord with mind, chanting name for millions of times, writing name of Lord for millions of times, chanting some letters (Beejaksharas or mantras), drawing some design diagrams on metallic plates (Yantras), doing worship following certain special ways of technology (Tantras) & so on. These discoveries and developments are tremendous & as many as developments in Science & Technology!

Ofcourse, all these are good psychological ways of solutions in treating certain psycho-patients with fixed notions to give mental relief of stress & confidence. All these ways are good, if person is without aspiration of any fruit from God in return. Such love is real. But real love is expressed in terms of sacrifice of work & sacrifice of fruit of work as seen in case of your love on your children. If such practical expression exists, all above theoretical expression of love through words & mind can be associated as plate of meals is associated with cup of drinking