Devotion of Arjuna and Hanuman

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Devotion of Arjuna and Hanuman

Arjuna, being a normal devotee with little faith in Krishna, participated in the work of God (Kurukshetra war) since it was a Holy Mission that helps the society in establishing the justice in the world. Hanuman was a super devotee with immense faith in Rama and hence, participated in the war, which was a personal work of God. The ultimate aim of your service should be to please the God, be it the social work or His personal work. Such devotion is perfect as in the case of Hanuman. The war in Kurukshetra was for the social welfare in one angle and was the personal work of Arjuna only and not at all the personal work of God.

Therefore, the participation of Arjuna in the war does not involve high faith and high devotion. In the case of Hanuman, it involves immense faith and devotion.

You may think that the war was personal work of Rama in one angle and killing Ravana is social welfare in another angle and therefore, Hanuman participated in the war. Rama removed the second angle when He told that He will go back without killing Ravana if he returns Sita and now, the war was confined to the first angle only. In spite of the war exposed as the personal work of Rama only, Hanuman participated in the war and His aim was to please Rama without analyzing the nature of the work. Hence, Hanuman was rewarded with unimaginable fruit of becoming the future creator of the universe.