Devoting Yourself to Silence in Meditation

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"Silence is not
the absence of thought.

You cannot just stop thinking
and then you will experience silence.
That is just the absence of thinking.

Rather, you start to feel it.

As the Shakti & awareness
builds inside you
and you begin to naturally be aware
of your thinking rather
than identified with it,
you will begin to feel silence,
or sense silence
underneath the flow of thoughts.

And very naturally
you will be attracted to it.
You may feel it as bliss, as peace,
as love or as freedom
and your whole being
will fall in love with it.

Not in the egotistical sense
that you feel it as pleasure and
you want more.

It goes way beyond that.

You recognize it
as the love you have been seeking
since before you were even seeking.

The peace of it is so pure
that just being in it fulfills you.
You want to give yourself over to it
because it is the ultimate feeling
of coming home.

And so you become devoted
to that silence.

You give yourself over to silence out of love
the same way you give your body
over to your lover.

And then in that
there is perfection.
You feel you are exactly where
you are supposed to be.

That dissolving yourself into silence
fulfills you in every way.

The peace is so nurturing
that your heart is at peace,
your mind is at peace.

And in this you see how all the words
and knowledge about spirituality
are just ugly.

Because the peace is beyond words.
The silence is beyond any understanding
or achievement.

Would you say I achieved
the love of my life?

I attained the love of my life?

There are no words
or understandings about it.
You find silence,
then you just want to be in that silence.

Words just can't touch it.
Emotions can't touch it.
Yet you recognize it
as the essential nature of everything
and you fall in love with it.

Much love,


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Silence is understanding there is no mind to quiet.

— ~ Robert Adams

Silence of the Heart
Dialogues with Robert Adams


MAI | Wed, 05/15/2013 - 05:51
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So where is this

So where is this understanding taking place and what is it that needs this understanding? It is nothing but the mind.

In silence there is no understanding nor any need for understanding.

divine intervention | Wed, 05/15/2013 - 10:50