Detached Attachment

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While climbing up using a rope one has to hold the rope with one hand and leave the other. This process of holding and leaving the rope continues till one reaches the end of the rope. Similarly in life one has to be attached for a while as long as it gives happiness and detach oneself soon to move ahead.Sorrow is an 'ununderstandable' process of creating joy. Just as summer is the only process of creating rainy season. One has to enjoy oneself in nature but be prepared for the sorrow that follows. Tears and smiles do exist together because they enrich each other. Just as summer is the mother of rainy season, a tear drop is the mother of smiles. If we hate tear drops we are denied smiles. Those who love tear drops need not pray for smiles. We always try to separate them which is not possible and also not desirable.

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I may not have understood it right but it sounds neither Advaita nor from Gita.

There is a chapter on sacrifice and statement from Gita that all actions not done in a spirit of sacrifice bind. If that is what you mean by loving tears then maybe.

Duality cannot be transcended by intellectual talk or superficial belief. It requires awakening of Intelligence which reconciles the opposites in an organic and living synthesis.

In what way can sorrow of self pity be a creator of joy? The cause of sorrow is ignorance and effect is tendency to escape.

joejo | Fri, 02/21/2014 - 14:32