Destressing Practices-2

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Beloved Friend,

Today I'll tell you how to de-stress your body the yogic way...

I have found the following practices extremely beneficial...

Wake up early- at sunrise- around 6.30 AM and stretch in bed, before you pray/ meditate for a short while.

Have 2-3 glasses of luke warm water as soon as you get out of bed. This will help in cleansing the system in the morning. It is helpful to brush teeth immediately after this, and 'retch' so that some of this water is thrown up. This helps in cleaning the stomach of its acidic state in the mornings. Also it helps remove toxic undigested waste from the stomach.

You'll notice lot of phlegm and slimy waste being retched up- this is a good sign. This waste product is the cause of a great many ailments. Clean your tongue regularly. A tongue coated with white residues indicates an unhealthy digestion. A pinkish tongue without 'lines and cracks' shows that you have good bowel movements.

Make it a practice to clear your bowels early- more than once if needed. It is a good idea to eat one's last meal of the day at least 3 hours before sleeping. For a few days you can take a tablespoon of 'Isabgol Husk' with warm water every night to ease the bowel movements.

It is a good idea to have a bath early in the morning with cool(not cold) water. It will stimulate blood circulation and energise you...

Start practicing Yoga, for about 20 mins everyday. An ideal set of exercises is the 'Surya Namaskar' or the Sun Salute. One can start with two sets in the morning, gradually increasing to six sets. A set is two Sun Salutes- with each leg alternately. You should learn the routine from a Yoga practitioner. It is not too difficult...

Learn basic Pranayama- Yogic breathing exercises and perform alternate nostril breathing exercises for 5 mins before you sit and meditate.

Morning meditation can be for 15-20 minutes. Simply sit and watch your breath going in and out. Use an alarm in the initial stages- as you might find that you lose track of time- or open your eyes too early...

You can do a guided meditation of mine uploaded on the net if you wish to

This is in six parts but it is a single meditation to be undergone in a single sitting; it has been broken up due to file-size restrictions. You'll need 30 mins or so to do it.

After this you should get to your daily routine...

As I had mentioned earlier, you need to meditate after you are back from office/ work too(See my Blog 'Destressing Practices- 1')

Pray/ meditate before you sleep too. Remember sleep is sacred, and you must sleep in clothes which are clean and not worn the entire day.

A proper sleep gives you great energy. Your bed should be only for sleep- and not for eating, socialising, watching TV, office related reading, Gaming on Laptops etc...

More on this another time...

Love and Blessings,


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Yoga is extremely helpful

Excellent recommendations. Thanks you deepamji!

Since I started doing yoga every morning, my meditations are much deeper and more effective.

I would be careful to recommend the surya namaskar for contra stress Though shivananada also prescribes it for that purpose sometimes), the dynamic asanas may cause the opposite for many people, especially when is done in the morning. It is better to concentrate for that purpose in the sitting and lying poses - very beneficial are the yogamudarsana and halasana. Make sure to do it calmly and to abide for a long period in the final position.

salim | Mon, 02/09/2009 - 11:21
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Thank you Salim,

I did not really wish to go deep into the yoga poses here, since I do not really feel that these practices should be done without a teacher present. However, Surya namaskar has become quite popular and can be learned easily. And I am sure a good teacher will make sure that the degree of difficulty is kept to the minimum for the beginner.

The other asanas you recommend are extremely beneficial too- and I am sure people who are learning yoga techniques will concur...

I'll soon talk about some other practices, and go a little deeper in detail...

Love and blessings,

anony17 | Mon, 02/09/2009 - 14:33